Report on Meeting with MassDOT re Cell Phone Sites

Just to keep all informed: I met this morning for about 30 minutes with folks from the Mass Department of Transportation’s real estate division and their legislative liaison.

As in my meetings with Verizon, I made clear to them that the currently proposed Exit 59 location is a dead proposal in my mind.

They explained their mission to generate additional revenue for MassDOT. I expressed my support for that mission but indicated that I would be just as happy for Arlington or Belmont to receive the revenue from a cell phone lease. I explained that based on the meeting with Verizon there were a number of potential locations that could fill the coverage holes.

I encouraged them to acknowledge publicly that the Exit 59 site is dead and, if they wished to propose other MassDOT properties in town as cell phone sites, to start fresh and approach the Selectmen as way to get some informal feedback.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. Thank you for standing up for us, why can’t they use the location down towards Lake Street, which is not very far away from exit 59 and not that much lower and is also state property and no private houses near by? EH

      1. Yes no private homes less than 25 ft from the cell tower!That sounds like a better choice than the deal Verizon has struck with the Plymouth Church Will! Perhaps you could discuss this further with Myron the next time you get together for dinner. Thanks for your heartfelt advise. I’ll certainly remember it next time elections role around and share our conversation with as many voters as I can.

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