No More Swimming at Walden Pond

Dear Mr. Brownsberger:

I just learned that the park representatives are meeting with State commissioners and lawyers on Monday to decide whether they should stop allowing people to swim across the pond or on the other side of the pond.  I haven’t been able to find out how the users of the pond could be involved in the process.   A lot of people would be affected by this decision.  Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you,

Almudena Arcelus

26 Merrill Avenue

Belmont, MA 02478

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  1. I feel very frustrated because the state park is not involving the community in this decision.

  2. Reassuring news: Swimming rules are not being changed; just they want to limit the number of visitors at the park right now because of the high water levels.

    Here is a more detailed summary of a conversation with an official at DCR:
    First, they are not issuing any no swimming orders for Walden Pond. They are considering reducing the parking capacity for the near future.

    The reason is that the Pond is more full than it has ever been with all the rains. It is a kettle pond and does not drain. The water is up over the path in places on the back side of the pond and there is no beach anymore; the water is up to the wall. They want to discourage people from going to the other side or around the pond because with the paths submerged in places, people will walk on the recently restored banks which are also waterlogged and will become damaged.

    It is not a terrific experience because there is no beach; people have to sit on the wall or the side grass.

    They discourage swiming across or jumping in on the other side but will not be prohibiting it. Since it is a kettle pond and very deep now the water is very cold, it is unguarded and a rescue would be very difficult with the paths not passable in places. They’d like to encourage people to go to Hopkinton or other places but understand that once people get to Walden it is unlikely they will drive elsewhere.

    He said that Quabbin and Wachusett are still spilling water.

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