Pride 2023

For me, the Pride parades and festivals are special this year because I am coming out as bisexual.

I’ve been married to my wife for almost thirty-eight years.  I love, cherish, and enjoy her and I’m not about to change my lifestyle.

I am moved to speak openly about myself for all the reasons that Pride month matters.

Pride means self-knowledge and self-acceptance.  When my parents passed away a couple of years ago, I finally did the personal work to understand, accept, embrace, and name the breadth of love and desire that is part of who I am. 

There is a particular stigma that attaches to bisexuality – it suggests inconstancy.  On the contrary, bisexual people form enduring monogamous relationships just as other people do.  But in those relationships they are not visible as bisexual.

Pride also means openness.  Openness and self-acceptance go hand in hand.  One can accept oneself privately, but self-acceptance becomes more robust when one can share oneself with family and friends.  My wife and daughters, above all, have been wonderfully supportive to me.

The vibrant open celebration of diversity in a Pride parade helps everyone accept themselves.  Through the years, society has been so cruel to queer people that it’s necessary to take openness to the level of boisterous celebration to create a broader social space in which everyone can find themselves and thrive.

Marching in Pride parades as an elected official, as I have done annually for many years, makes a statement that matters a lot.  Being an ally in a pride parade means committing one’s reputation to the civil principles of acceptance. 

But marching as elected and queer makes an even stronger statement.  It says: please don’t just accept me, but please honor who I am and also respect what I stand for in public life.

Knowing myself now as queer, I absolutely felt that I had to be out in the parades.  Failing to do so would be freeloading on the courage of others.

I thank the same-sex couples who came into my office to advocate for equality of marriage, the transgender people who testified in hearings in support of legislation to protect them from discrimination, and many others who have approached me through the years to advocate on LGBTQ+ legislative issues.  To all of them I am grateful for their social leadership but also for unknowingly helping me on my own journey.

It would be wrong to say that Pride matters now more than ever.  The early Pride celebrations took real physical bravery and shattered long-standing barriers to queerness in many parts of the world.  But with the resurgence of archaic hatreds, legitimized by all too many political leaders, Pride matters a lot in 2023.

To all, Happy Pride!

Thank you so much to all who have sent support. I’ve received an outpouring of loving correspondence. I haven’t responded to each comment below, but please know that have read them individually and that I am personally and deeply grateful to each person who has spoken in support.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. Happy for you, Senator. I embrace and honor the full person you are.
    Kind regards,
    Janet Kenney

  2. Very happy for you, Will, and as always glad you’re fighting the good fight.

    1. For sure! It’s so lovely to see someone in politics talking openly and proudly. I love that we are from a state that supports this.

  3. Effective legislator, brave man to tell his family and us his truth. I look forward ro supporting Senator Brownsberger as I have been doing since he ran for office in 2012.

  4. Congrats. It takes a lot of courage to come out in the midst of rise in bigotry nation-wide, especially as a politician. Thank you for support of LBGTQ rights.

    1. A majority of republicans support same sex marriage so the “rise of bigotry” is the same tired,
      Self righteous name calling hurled at the unworthy majority who don’t share your political opinions.

      1. The majority of Republicans who support same sex marriage have been incredibly quiet in allowing the Republican Party act the way it has the last few years. That’s not support that’s apathy.

      2. Unless you actually count the growing number of attacks and deaths of openly gay people. Then you’d agree there is either a rise in bigotry, or a rise in violence among those that have always been bigots?

        1. Link to these figures. Do they come from the same source that says covid has a 50% hospitalization rate?

  5. Wow, Will. You are a very special human being. Sending love your way.


  6. Will, I so admire your principled search for meaning and authenticity in all aspects of life.

    Thank you both for your ongoing distinguished political service and your warmth and candor towards all of us who are your grateful constituents.

    Love your message about the importance of not “freeloading on the courage of others.” Bravo!

    Wishing you all the best,

  7. As always, I am proud to have you as a neighbor….kudos from Arlington!
    Sue Sheffler

  8. How does your longtime wife, your children, and your grandchildren feel about your proclamation? Shouldn’t this be a private matter?

      1. What choice do they have but to be supportive? They don’t want the family to fall apart. The main question is, did your wife know when she agreed to marry you, and was it fine with her then?

          1. JNelson – because the values people channel in their personal lives point out to who they are, and that is important to know when it comes to elected officials. (We have been told that since 2016 in reference to Trump. Have you been critical of that?)

        1. Did we read the same blog? He literally said he discussed this with his family and had their support to come out. His kids are adults and are not threatened with “instability.”

        2. Hi Eva, one of Will’s daughters here. Quite the contrary, having my dad be completely open with us made us love and respect him that much more. I myself am bi, and his courage to come out despite the risk of negative reactions like yours gave ME the courage to be more open as well. I’ve had bad experiences with people I’ve dated in the past not understanding my sexuality, and seeing my mom stand by my dad’s side and love him constantly gives me hope that I’ll find a good, understanding partner too. I’m sorry you come from a place where this might have torn your family apart, but this family is stronger than ever.

          1. Solidarity to both Will and Carly. We welcome you warmly to your LGBTQ+ family. ??

          2. Yes too true Carly!!!! To add to this, choosing LOVE in all its forms is certainly a value I treasure and anyone who has ever known your Dad (my Uncle) only knows this truth to be absolute! I love YOU as well in all your uniqueness unconditionally and proudly. So proud of you and this family~ Katie, Mike, Maddie and Max

        3. Comments above invoked me (Will’s eldest daughter) and my children (his grandchildren), and one had a question about values. I will address these.

          The comments seem concerned about our well-being. But the obvious implication is that we might feel shame, or perhaps that we should feel shame, that our father/grandfather is now openly bisexual. I find this troubling. The entire post is literally about how Pride means overcoming society’s long history of shaming queer people, but I won’t rehash that here.

          I completely agree that the “values people channel in their personal lives point to who they are.” This post clearly shows that my dad values 1) doing deep personal work and pursuing self-awareness, 2) a commitment to the family unit, 3) “walking the walk,” i.e. consistency in one’s personal and public life. We need more people in public office with these values.

          And as for my children and me, I am so grateful that my dad is always teaching us how to be the best versions of ourselves. I am heartened that my kids (ages 4 and 10 months) will grow up in a world that is getting better with every gesture of honesty and acceptance. I feel blessed that they have grandparents who will teach them implicitly what is the meaning of true love and integrity. Plus, if my boys discover they are queer when they grow up, they are more likely to thrive now than ever before.

          In case there are any remaining doubts, let me unequivocally say that I feel great (and happy, and very proud) about this proclamation. Thanks for reading.

        4. You write your comment as though you’re actually concerned for his family and wife’s well-being and not as the though you’re just being inflammatory and judgmental. Stop with your bs.

      2. Proud to call you my senator! Thank you for all you do and for having the courage to step into your truth!

    1. Hi PJ,

      It appears clear from this letter that Will’s family is very supportive. I am sure that they were involved in discussions regarding coming out as well.

      I also believe that if you read through the letter, you will gain some insight into why this should not be a “private” matter, at least not necessarily. While LGBTQ+ people don’t owe it to the world to be out, our identities are being politicized to the extent that our rights are being debated and stripped.

      As a public official, Will has the power to serve as a role model to others. He can help people like you realize that he is the same person he always has been, and also he is queer. He can help young bi people like me realize that bi people can serve in positions of leadership.

      Keeping this identity private implies that it is something shameful that needs to be hidden. By coming out, will helps to combat that shame. I think it is a brave an honorable thing to do and it paints him as a strong person and role model for his family, his constituents, and the public.

      1. I don’t think any group that demands political power can complain that its identity is being politicized. I understand the PR value of the perpetual victimhood narrative, especially to those who would otherwise be accused of privilege. However, its overuse as a cover for aggressive power plays will inevitably create a backlash that will fall hardest on those not so privileged.

        It’s pretty much the standard pattern in American politics today. Rich and powerful people mercilessly crybully a bystander, the bystander finally pushes back, and the rich provocateur high-tails it in their Tesla out of the street fight they’ve instigated, leaving others to take the punches.

  9. I have known you a long time Will and always been a beneficiary of
    your friendship. That continues and I have never been more proud
    of you or supportive of your efforts. Thank you for your courageous candor
    and service to all you constituents, friends, and family.

  10. What a great day to come out! Bravo, and while we’re sharing, I am bi too and also in a long term heterosexual marriage. It’s an interesting, not always easy identity to have.

  11. Thank you Will for your openness. I like you more than ever now. I wish other public servant would be more open like you. You are setting the example.

    1. Cheers! I’m with you, Ottavio. It would take a cynic or scoundrel to question Will’s sincerity and integrity. It’s unfortunate but understandable that his admission frightens some people who consider queerness degenerate.

      Maybe it’s just the End Times, as they would likely say, but people have been saying that for a long time.

  12. Will – Thank you for your openness and trust, and for making this brave statement that will help support the queer community and push back against the hatred and bigotry across our country. Bravo!

  13. Congrats to you, Will for being ALL of who you are and sharing it with all of US! It takes a lot of courage to do it. Thanks for being YOU!
    Ellen Wolk

  14. Really proud of you and constantly inspired by you — you set an amazing example, and I’m grateful to be your daughter! Love you love you love you!

  15. LGBTQ+ representation in government is critical, especially for the often “invisible” bisexual+ community and even more so as we are seeing a sharp increase in legislation that targets LGBTQ+ and specifically trans people. Thank you for sharing with us, Senator, even though you did not have to and it may have been easier in some ways not to, and thank you for your continued support of our community.

  16. Thank you Will for sharing. I’m hoping your bravery will be an example for others who have been afraid to come out to realize from all the comments they see above (except for a few) that you are loved and understood. I theorize based on Roman history that many more people are bi-sexual than admit it, and it just means that you have more love to share than others. That’s a beautiful thing and I love you for it my friend.

  17. Thanks for being who you are Will and for all you have done for the LGBTQ+ community.

  18. Hi Senator,
    Your openness is not only inspiring, but I believe it also creates a sense of emotional safety.

    1. Nobody has the right to “emotional safety.” What an appallingly un-American idea.

      1. It sounds like you’re having a tough time with this. If you need a new friend, a good conversation, and free lunch, I’m buying. Sometimes we just need to tear down the walls that divide us with a recognition that we all have much more in common than different and that treating each other like family makes it all easier. It takes a village.

  19. Thank you for sharing this important part of your identity, Senator. It is so meaningful having openly LGBTQ+ folks like you that we can look up to. Happy Pride to you and your loved ones!

  20. Will,
    You have been, are, and always will be a trusted friend and legislator of the finest degree. Nothing is different now, only the above statement is even more true. You continue to amaze me. My heartfelt and most sincere love to you and your family.

    1. Could not have said it better Darrell so I am jus t going to agree with you

  21. Openness through and through. Thanks so much for your service Will.

  22. So proud of you my friend. Welcome to the Out and Proud LGBTQ+ community.
    Thank you for coming out publicly . As you know I have been out a long time, it has not always been easy. Having representation is so important. There were no public models when I came out. You’re coming out because you are a visible member of so many communities will save a young person’s life. Some young person who feels all alone and is thinking of harming themselves will see that it is possible to be in loving relationships, to be happy and successful.
    You are one of the Best.

  23. Always felt you were on our side, but it’s great to hear that you are on our team, too. Happy Pride!

  24. Peace and love to you always. You will always have my support and I appreciate your support as well.

  25. Thank you, Will, for your courage in speaking your truth! Sending you much love and support.

  26. Will,
    Sending you support and appreciation for all your good work and friendship. Be well

    1. I couldn’t say it better than Karen, so I’ll reply here:

      What she said!

      Thanks you, Will!

  27. Thank you, Will, for always telling the truth about yourself and about the issues that matter to so many of us. You are a true inspiration on so many levels.

    I recently told some friends that you are one of the only politicians I trust, now more than evah!

    Godspeed, Will, and peace to you and your family.

  28. Thank you for being a role model for living authentically Happy Pride to all!

  29. A wonderfully crafted and inspiring post, Will (though not surprising)! So happy for you. What a role model you are as a human being!

  30. So happy for you to speak your truth! Sending support and gratitude. I know your courage will pave the way for others too!

  31. Thank you for being open and visible about your journey of self discovery. It’s important to normalize identifying outside the cishet spectrum. I appreciate your willingness to stand up and be counted when you could have easily done otherwise.

  32. Will, this is a heroic announcement to make. I am SO impressed.
    Always have appreciated your thoughtful analysis of our conundrums, both big and small.
    Now I appreciate your work even more.

    I send you and your family my deepest respect and support.

  33. You have been a wonderful state senator for us here in Watertown. I liked you before, I like you now, and I respect you tremendously for your courage in coming out. Your openness should be an inspiration for many. Thank you, Will.

  34. Senator,
    Your courage and leadership touches all of us and means so much to those who still struggle in the face of discrimination and disapproval. As one who knows the threats these pose for LGBTQ+ youth and adult mental health and well being, I salute you.
    Cheers, Danna Mauch, MAMH

  35. I’ve valued much from our long friendship, but especially your honesty, your ability to be true to yourself, to be courageous and to always advocate for those who need it most. I can’t be more proud of you. Love always to you and Carolyn.

  36. Thank you for sharing. It made me respect you even more. May all go well as you continue your good work.

  37. Will, you are an amazing person. I am so privileged to know you, I fully support you and your family and wish you all happiness and love.

  38. I congratulate you Will and applaud your courage for coming out as bisexual. The more visibility there is, hopefully the more tolerance will emerge. Thank you for being the wonderful senator and human being that you are. I am grateful for all you do for our district.

  39. Will,
    Thank you for your sincerity. You and your family are courageous and generous to all of us you represent. Happy Pride!
    Jane and Bob

  40. You have always had my vote and my admiration for your integrity and thoughtfulness. I say bravo and I admire you even more now for your public statement on your bisexuality. Hurrah for you!

  41. Happy for you Will and so glad you have a supportive family. Kudos to them too! You are the most generous and hard-working Senator I have ever known.

  42. Happy coming out! And thank you for sharing this with us. I’m sending this to some family members who just came out as queer to me but not to the rest of my family. It will hearten them and help them feel that they have a lot of community everywhere they look.

  43. I’m so inspired by your openness and by the journey and by the connection it’s created between you, your wife, and your children. Journeys of this depth are available to all of us but are usually not taken. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Everyone deserves to live (and find joy) as their authentic self – I am so grateful that you have discerned (and now thoughtfully and bravely share) your own self-discovery journey and clarified LGBTQ+ identity. Sending big hugs to you AND your family for evolving together – this is what true unconditional love looks like (both for self and for others).

  45. This is a beautiful message. Congratulations and thank you for your courage. I already felt very fortunate to call you my state senator, but this note makes me feel even prouder and luckier!

  46. Will, I have been so grateful to have had the opportunity to cast my vote for you over the years. I didn’t think I could admire and respect you more than I already had, but here you have proved me wrong. Thank you so much for coming out, for being open about who you are, for supporting all of us.

  47. We are fortunate to be represented by someone who is able to be candid, outspoken, and compassionate about important issues, as well as about himself…kudos to you for sharing your own journey and thank you for setting an example of personal courage for all of us.

  48. Thank you, Senator. I believe that many in Western NY State (my home) would support you. And I appreciate the messages you send about how we need to manage our energy use.

  49. I have always been grateful for your vision, ethics and hard work as my legislator. I value our friendship above all. I couldn’t be more proud of you. My love always, to you and Carolyn.

  50. When I didn’t think it was possible, you brought my admiration for you up a notch.

  51. I support you not because you are Bi nor would it be because you were Gay or you were Straight. I support you because I appreciate what you are trying to do for all of your constituents. It was important to you to come out and I know that takes courage. What I admire is your wanting to share who you are as a person because you are our representative. The flood of support you have received makes me grateful that I live in this district where people are respected for who they are and what they do for one another. Bravo! IBC

  52. Your statement is entirely consistent with the caring, engaged, and principled politician that so many of us appreciate. Carry on, ET

  53. Will, congratulations on the work to figure this out and the respect you’ve shown yourself, your family and your constituents by going public.

  54. Congratulations, Will! All the Arnestocks (= Arnesons + Powelstocks) are proud to support you!

  55. Congratulations Senator! I am really happy for you and wish you well on your journey !

  56. Sending my respect and appreciation for you as a person and a remarkable public servant.

  57. We honor who you are and also respect what you stand for in public life and persona; life. Good luck always

  58. We are so proud of you, Senator Will, for everything you have done, and for being your full and authentic self. And Happy Pride to you!

  59. Congratulations on your continuing self-discovery. How alive! I am happy for your good fortune in a loving family. And I am glad for my good fortune in being among your appreciative constituents.

  60. Your personal integrity is so admirable….
    Blessings to you and your family as you go through the aftermath….

  61. I echo everyone who has expressed admiration for your honesty and integrity. Go Pride!

  62. I celebrate your courageous personal and professional journey, Will. I’m happy to know that you have loving and supportive people around you. I’ll say what I’ve said before–I wish you were still my State Senator. Thank you for all that you’ve done, and continue to do! Looking forward to seeing you at future events, Ward 5 and otherwise.

  63. So proud of you and thank you for sharing this with all of us. We love and admire you and the great work you do for our communities. Congrats.

  64. Congratulations and thank you for your honesty! Bisexuality is so often misunderstood and representation is important.

    Happy Pride!

  65. Once again Will, very supportive of you and your whole family. Thanks for stepping up and out. Anyway you can annex my part of Cambridge?


  66. Thank you for being open and sharing your story Senator Brownsberger! Thank you for continuing to support our community!

    I’m proud to be your constituent!

  67. I admire your courage in living your life authentically especially as someone in public office and I’m so proud and happy that you’re our state senator.

  68. Will, so very proud of you for sharing. Thank you for all you do in the community.

  69. I salute you for being out. I was an active volunteer during the fight for marriage equality and thank you for your 110% support in that fight. I thought I was being altruistic as a straight ally during that struggle, but subsequently my daughter came out and is today happily married. I guess the lesson there is that when you do the right thing for “others”, the “others “ can end up being you.

  70. Congratulations Will, I applaud your courage, and your articulate way of explaining why you came out. You are a great man.

  71. Thank you, Will, for sharing this part of yourself with all of us. You have always been a visible ally to the LGBTQ+ community and now you are a part of it. Thank you for your leadership and courage.

  72. Dear Will,

    Congratulations! I am happy for your coming out, as I know it can be difficult. I moved out of your district a couple of years ago, but I stay subscribed to your emails because I am always interested in what you have to say. I have found you to be a person of integrity and true commitment to public service. I admire you now more than ever! The more people are open about their identities, the closer we come to a day when being queer is as everyday as being straight

  73. Thank you for sharing – it must have been a difficult decision. I’m glad you’ve made a choice to make a public announcement, I really think it helps normalize LGBTQ+ . Happy Pride Month to you and enjoy this year’s celebration to the fullest!

  74. Thanks so much for your bravery and honesty. As a mother to an LGBTQ+ teen, it gives me so much hope to see such great examples for our kids today!

    Mary M

  75. Congrats Will! I’m so excited for you, and so proud! Coming out is hard, but more people being out, and especially people who are visible to the broader community, makes it safer and easier for all of us. Welcome!

  76. Congratulations on coming out!! What a beautiful reflection on Pride, and self-acceptance, and on community. I’m so proud to be your constituent. Happy Pride!

  77. Senator, I didn’t think I could admire and respect you more. With this statement you share a truth about yourself that demonstrates honesty, reveals personal and family growth and acceptance, conveys strength and encourages solidarity. So many of us can’t imagine living a truly authentic life due to fear and shame. Thank you for recognizing the power you have as a public official to consistently pursue justice and, by coming out, to inspire others to dwell in truth. Your accessibility and transparency are consistently a model for all who serve as elected and appointed officials in public life. Blessings to you and your family,. What a great way to celebrate Pride!

  78. Thank you for your thoughtful-as-always, eloquent post, your bravery, and leadership. You are an inspiration.

  79. Will…. I accept, honor and admire you! Thank you for all you are. Ginny Connolly

  80. Conformity is enforced in culture. I hope your journey in discovery will lead you to approach policy making with expanding knowledge and support for the growing, developing culture. Let your insights into the repression inform your understanding of the world in politics, in public health, in crime; it effects nearly everything there is frankly, whether people are allowed to be simply who they are without hurting anyone. Don’t be afraid. I have traveled and married from three different countries and cultures, the vast majority of the world is not even close to raising their children with awareness of gender fluidity or sexual preferences. I say don’t be afraid- one of the few people I ever met who was as fully open to letting people be who they were as I am, was a staunch republican oil and utility industry man from West Texas. You may have allies in strange places at times, but it’s good for you. As always, Will, good on you.

  81. Proud of you!
    A huge accomplishment, to go along with so many others in your acts of service.

  82. I have always admired your candor and the way you lead by example. You state your positions on issues big and small clearly and you do not hold back or worry about whether the position will be popular or supported. I respect you even more now Senator and I am so glad that you are receiving all the love, support and respect you deserve.

  83. Will, it takes a great deal of courage to share. You’re deserving of tremendous respect. You have mine now more than ever.. Thank you!

  84. Will

    You are still a human being regardless. I’m happy your family still support and love you.

  85. This took courage. It’s not easy to put your reputation and political future on the line to stand up for your principles. We’ll done

  86. How wonderful! Welcome (officially) to the community! I have always appreciated and admired your work on behalf of others (LGBTQIA+ people, people caught up in the criminal justice system, people who need food and housing, and bike lanes, etc.). And now, I can also say that I’m proud of you for doing the work of self discovery, of being seen and known, on your own behalf. That’s the kind of leadership that makes sustainable change! Always my favorite Senator!

  87. Thank you so much for this post, Will. It’s very thoughtful and courageous. And you reflect on the many nuances that have been lost in so much of the political discourse. As someone who took time to understand myself, I very much appreciate that.

  88. Thanks so much for this! This made my day in a big way. Much love to you and your family! It’s so important, especially in our current national climate, for there to be more visibility for queer folks. Your coming out is inspirational and relatable to this bisexual who is constantly looking for role models and trying to be more visible himself.

  89. Thank you for sharing Will- You are a great State Senator & do your best to represent us all! Be true to yourself & enjoy your life!

  90. Will- Thank you for sharing; not easy to do! I am grateful you are my State Senator working hard to serve us all! Wishing you a great
    summer & more joy- Peace

  91. I have been raised in a family that would and I would to lessor extent be considered “Straight”
    I always had issues with that term in that it connotes superiority and cannot buy into it. I thought it was more important to understand, accept, respect, embrace and celebrate the differences others have to offer and why. I think a better term would be “Obsolete”.

  92. Congratulations, Sen. Brownsberger! As both an LGBTQ+ person and a former constituent, I’m proud to have you as a representative and advocate. It’s especially meaningful when bi men choose to come out publicly, as we’re so often invisibilized in both cisgender/heterosexual and LGBTQ+ communities. Wishing you a joyful and meaningful Pride!

  93. I’m so happy for you, and I thank you for sharing and for supporting so many community members.

  94. Thank you for your courage in being who you are and for your continued support of Allston-Brighton.

    Happy Pride!

  95. Sincere and best wishes, Will, to you and your family.
    I just wonder about all those LGBTQ persons who have longed claimed that one CANNOT change one’s sexual orientation.
    After all, that is the argument used when LGBTQ organizations say that “reparative therapy” or “change therapy,” especially for minors, should be banned by law — which it is in some localities (but there was recently a court decision in some state that struck down such a ban).
    How does an apparently heterosexual male of any age “discover” one day that he has homosexual inclinations that he engages in and yet – YET – a young person who identifies as homosexual cannot (in some states) seek “change therapy” if he thinks he may have HETEROSEXUAL inclinations and wishes the latter to be the ONLY sexual behavior he engages in?
    Oh sure, LGBTQ can answer this but ONLY by engaging in the most hypocritical and backward logic.
    Thus, the LGBTQ community claims you can “become” homosexual, but you can never “become” heterosexual.
    Makes no sense, of course, but then neither does Drag Queen Story Hour or a 6 foot muscular male who claims he is a female compeat against weaker female athletes.

    1. Here you go dear Dee:
      “When my parents passed away a couple of years ago, I finally did the personal work to understand, accept, embrace, and name the breadth of love and desire that is part of who I am.”

  96. I, too, support you wholeheartedly. I admire your courage and the role modeling you are doing that will help others who may feel like they are hiding their true selves. Good for you for speaking out. I hope you find complete acceptance among your constituency and the public at large. Those who don’t accept you are lacking in understanding and fearful for unknown reasons. Carry on with the good work you are doing!

  97. Will, you are constantly providing reasons for us all to be proud to have your as our State Senator. This just adds to the list.

  98. I appreciate why you are sharing this and making this public, considering the backlash that is taking place against the LGBTQ folks.

    I think there area lot of “leaders” who are stirring up of fear around gender issues and promoting misinformation and intolerance.

    So you are to be admired for being open and forthright and setting an example for other leaders.
    Thank you.

  99. As a fellow queer person, a voter, a lifeline MA resident, and as a human, I am deeply grateful for all that you have done & do, embodying what it means to be a politician in all the best senses of that word. As you have on so many other issues, your commitment and transparency to fully explore and share what you’ve learned / believe, and who you are, c0ntinues to set an example to anyone & everyone on what it means to be a true public servant. Thank you, Will, & happy Pride.

  100. Congrats, Will! It’s great to have a senator who represents all of us, not only a perceived majority. Power in pride!

  101. Hi Senator, I respect and honor you even more. Am moved by your statement and feel privileged that I know you and that you represent the neighborhood where the Brazilian Women’s Group is located. Politicians, human beings, like you make feel hopeful. Count on us! The world is yours, what a beautiful family!

  102. Thank you for trusting us with your truth Will. And, as always, thank you for your brave leadership!

  103. Everyone’s already stated all the good stuff so I won’t try to come up with something eloquent. Way to go!!

  104. Thank you so much for sharing! It means a lot to the world right now. It also raises your vibrational frequency and lightens your physical being.

  105. Very brave of you and I’m so happy to have you in government. I hope this doesn’t mean you’re not running for reelection!

  106. Thank you for your introspection, honesty, and courage, Will–as ever you are an inspiration and an example to us all. In my experience, the common blanket labels of sexual or gender identity fit most of us only approximately. Your solidarity is immensely welcome.

  107. Senator/Will – It’s always been a great gift to have you as a colleague and, even more importantly, it is with genuine Pride that I call you a friend.

    Warmest regards,

  108. Thank you Senator for being open and for setting a role model for everyone watching. We’re grateful for your leadership in MA!

  109. Thank you for being open with everyone. We are all the better for your honesty!

  110. That’s awesome that you did the soul searching to discover this and that your family is supportive.

    Go, y’all!! Wooooo!

  111. Will. When I first came to Belmont 20+ years ago I held a sign for you.
    I was born Bisexual in that by the word “teen” I was fine with it. Both of my children are “Queer” & in life long relationships. Anna Weick year 12 years and Alex Weick 7. [Hi Carly! Alex says hello. He’s in Chicago with another of your friends Caroline. Out and proud!] BHS grads all.
    My mom used to ask “where are you going?” I’d answer “Somewhere” mom : I’m worried about men. I’d answer “don’t worry we only dance with women”
    The joke was about a book from the 70’s BUT it was also the real name of a Lesbian bar.
    When that burned down and was renamed I had to answer “Somewhere Else” [its new name.] Mom just had some reservations about my girlfriend. We are still good friends.
    I took care of all of the LGBQTAI children who needed safety. It was my pleasure. My son was the youngest to come out at BHS. He survived “faggot” in the stairwells.
    What does it mean to be Bisexual? For me it meant being able to fall deeply in love with “either” “sex” profoundly different from the way we talk about it now [haters get over your obsession with pronouns. Read Shakespeare]
    I have been happily married for 40 years.
    My only regret is that I have cats & a dog as grand animals.
    Xoxoxo Claire DeVore

  112. Our society is undergoing a sea change in its understanding of sexuality. We’re learning to expand awareness of what it means to be human – and we’re witnessing it close by. Recently, in my case, a friend’s son has become her daughter; a stepchild’s partner has revealed they are intersex; and my best friend’s nephew – you – has discovered he’s bisexual. So much diversity to celebrate and embrace!

    Your willingness to share a newfound identity is both brave and generous. Given the persistence of misguided and ill-informed fears and prejudices about non-conforming sexuality, we need public figures like you to stand up and declare who they are openly and forthrightly. We can only hope that eventually the entire rainbow of sexual identities will be accepted and taken for granted. Bravo, Will. You and your family are an inspiration.

  113. Happy Pride, Will!!! Thank you for being so generous in sharing of yourself with us.

  114. Hi Will, Thanks for having the courage to share this. I see you and I support you. And I hope your going public will inspire others to “own” who they are and yet others to become more comfortable with queer folks.

  115. Your post is inspiring on so many levels. Thank you for your courageous honesty.

  116. Hello Senator,

    The first thing I did on receiving your email is to forward it to family members and friends with the message, “More power to him!” I wish you and your family all the very best.

    I want to take this opportunity to also cheer for all the messages of support for you here. Collectively, they are a testament to the fact that we live in a forward-looking, rational, empathetic part of America where bigots and haters are few in number.

    Best wishes

  117. Dear Senator,
    Thank you for your openness about your journey and your commitment to be your full authentic self. Your family is a role model for growing together. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  118. Integrity, a mind that can learn and grow, a desire to be of service, and bravery – these are the ingredients of a wonderful human being and top-notch legislator. You have these in abundance, Will. Lucky us! Thank you.
    I only wish there were more people like you – especially in government.

  119. Uncle Will! I wanted to personally take a moment to reach out to you with a message of love and support as you embrace all aspects of your person, coming out as bisexual. This is such an act of courage and love and only affirms your strength and authenticity~ made especially bigger being so much in the public eye… Please know that this does not in any way change how we think of you or love you, and that you are loved and accepted by us always. This is just a beautiful part of the tapestry that makes you uniquely you. You will undoubtably inspire and give hope and courage to generations to come… the impact of your truth in the world you may never fully understand but we are so proud and honored to have you as a treasured member of our family. With all our love~ Katie, Mike, Maddie and Max

  120. Thank you for sharing this with us, and thank you for your courageous honesty, true leadership, and inspiration! We’re lucky and proud to have you as our State Senator. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  121. Will,
    We have always held you in the highest esteem and your showing the courage to share your personal story with the world only elevates you higher – if that’s even possible! Thank you for your leadership in all things big and small.
    As always, we send much love and peace to you and your lovely family!!
    Deb & Tom

  122. Thank you for this articulate, thoughtful explanation of your journey of self-acceptance. You’re very brave for being honest about your true self, as well as for telling your constituents. All the best to you!

  123. Happy Pride, Senator. And thank you for your openness and courage. Hope to cross paths again soon!

  124. Thank you Will for your openness and bravery. I would expect nothing less than love and understanding from you r wonderful family-
    Teresa Masterson- Howe

  125. Thank you, Senator, for welcoming us into your heart like this. I’m so glad you managed to have the space and courage to understand this part of yourself, and that you have the support of your family behind you. I hope you know— I hope you can see— how much coming out publicly this way means. Representation is absolutely everything, and every time someone is a little truer to themselves and the world, it makes the way even easier for the ones to follow.

    I wish you the happiest of Pride and continued courage and strength going forward as you navigate this journey of being publicly out and advocating for yourself and others.

    1. The question marks above were supposed to be emojis.

      ROW 1: Text saying Woo-hoo!!
      ROW 2: Line of Pride Flags
      ROW 3: Line of Hearts in the following colors Black, Brown, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
      ROW 4: Line of Rainbows
      ROW 5: Line of Celebratory Emojis

  126. My daughter, Chiara, ‘relinked’ me to your link Will…the last decade seems to have passed in a detached way and I lost touch with your political activities however I will always acknowledge that you are one politician that I trust emphatically not just as a person but as a friend…I am privileged to have known you and your beautiful family and you will have my trust and confidence moving forward.

  127. First, thank you.

    Respect, and rights, are far more unsettled and uncertain than most of us in the queer community – in its most inclusive sense – imagined after the progress prior to 2016. Battles fought, laws passed, elections won. Marriage! Now, some of us are the target, demonized, the new wedge issue. Another person out there, in the mainstream, elected, and public, matters. It helps.

    Public life is not always kind to family life. I am truly happy that you and your family are in good spirits and doing well.

  128. I am very happy for you that were able to come out in a meaningful way and I appreciate your courage and openness. But honestly, your sexuality and whom you love is immaterial to me. I vote for you because we align on principles and philosophy and I appreciate your support on issues that are important to me. Your private life is yours to live.

  129. All I can think about is how lucky we all are to have people like you in the world, Uncle Will. Thank you for revealing something new to us about your wonderful self. xoxo

  130. Senator Brownsberger, thank you for being open about who you are. To me, this is a sign of integrity. I am touched by the work you have done, the courage to do it with your family, and the support they have for you. Raising kids who are open to growth and the complexities of identity is what we should all aspire to.

  131. Will coming out

    First comment was, Congratulations! The truth will set you free. And that stands. Mad respect.
    I’m not going to lie, my first impression is this is a personal matter and in Massachusetts being on the in-group, LGBT power bandwagon and coming out during Pride Month is a political advantage and kind of taints the revelation- it politically comodifies it. But, I don’t believe that is the truth. This is leadership by example, by risk taking-something that I feel is virtually absent in the mainstream of both parties. Case in point: the utter silence from my inherited and chosen party, the Democratic Party with regards to the LITERALLY mass-murdering Sackler Family. This was a once in a century crime that passed without any SUBSTANTIVE moral sanctions. This was a crime of such a scale against the American people that had a political leader taken a stand against it they would have in their hands a lever long enough to shift the entire political and social landscape to better serve every facet of justice, but that was not desired by the political class and those they serve. So, as Will goes on to higher office I hope he willing to take the risk of grabbing the lever that history will inevitably present and and takes care of the people and not just the party, because there is a distinction the former is ennobling and the latter is inexorably corrupting. And, to return from my digression, to my fear that the MORAL HAZARD of expanding the tent with: populism, identity and affinity politics, othering people and bashing and demonizing our fellow citizens who are fed lies about stolen elections and race- lies that also blind the left, because that’s all we see and hear-the lies that squelch the etiologies of social disorder and divert us from recognizing our greed and complicity and as we accept and are caretakers of the corrupted status quo. We have to pay handsomely to see our amoral celebrities -who won’t taint their machine with taking a stand on choice- and crash a monopolist’s fraudulent ticketing system, yet what do we call a victory? Ending hidden fees. That’s our phony victory, not ending Ticketmaster’s monopoly. The populist fears I enumerated are not fears of those actually wonderful things that strengthen us and make is stronger, it is the fear of the road we can take when social justice is not married to economic justice.

    1. And, now I regret sharing the ugliness of my bigoted, cynical impression. It should be evident that comes from inside me and is not representative of Will who is universally regarded as a gentleman and a mensch and is a gifted and dedicated politician and public servant.

      I thought in the moment there was a utility to sharing my dark impression.

      Coning out is a noble and beautiful thing. My notion of an “LGBTQ+ elite,” even if such a thing exists is by definition a small, elite group and I forget how many people some in the best of circumstances on others in difficult circumstances can be imprisoned by an oppression of their own making and the construct and intolerance of others who live in fear of joy and freedom.

  132. Thank you for sharing this with us, Will. You are an exemplar of how to serve in public office–for everyone!

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