Phoenix RNAV issues in the News

The FAA implemented new RNAV flight paths for departures at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport that have caused similar problems to what we are experiencing here with concentration of noise impact on new neighborhoods. As a result of pressure from their Congressman and the Mayor of Phoenix – the FAA has agreed to review the new flight paths.

This segment about NextGen and noise aired today on CBS This Morning:

Statement from AZ Congressman Gallego’s office about getting the FAA to agree to re-examine the new flight paths:
Article about the same:

It is worth noting that the discussion in Phoenix is about making “adjustments” and highlights the challenges with changing procedures once they are implemented. Also of note is that unlike 33L RNAV, the new procedures in Phoenix were implemented without any Environmental Assessment (EA) since the FAA is now exempt from doing EA’s as they implement NextGen.

As mentioned in a previous post – Arlington, Belmont and Watertown have requested through the Logan CAC that the Runway 33L RNAV be re-examined based on the massive increase in noise complaints and negative community feedback from those under the new flight paths. That request has been submitted to the FAA by the CAC and we will be working with Senator Brownsberger, Rep. Hecht, Rep. Rogers, Congresswoman Clark, Senators Markey and Warren and Town Officials to get the FAA engaged in evaluating modifications or alternatives to the current RNAV paths that would result in a more equitable distribution of noise.

Myron Kassaraba
Belmont Rep to the Logan CAC

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