Our Last Attempt to Save Silver Maple Forest

The Silver Maple Forest is entering its last days if we cannot do something to stop development.  The path to permitting is clear now that the Belmont Zoning Board Authority has accepted the developer’s plan changes as “insignificant” (thus not requiring a public hearing).

Friends of Alewife Reservation asks all concerned citizens to meet at the Alewife Rotary at 5:30 PM on the next three Wednesdays (October 20th, 27th, and November 3rd).  We will demonstrate to let others know to call their legislators, town officials, and the Governor’s office.

Rep. Brownsberger has been a friend to our local forest and we are very grateful and need guidance from him at this critical hour.

The small river floodplain forest (Belmont Uplands) mitigates the Route 2 and downstream flooding and pollution from Cambridge, Arlington, Somerville, Medford, Chelsea to Boston Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. Climate change and the adverse effects must be considered. A 300 unit housing plan on top of this floodplain forest is not a good idea and all communities are alarmed.

We are hosting a fundraiser to help stop the destruction of our rare urban wild on Thursday, October 21st at 5 PM.  We’ll feature a bike ride around the Reservation, an edible plant walk, and a special dinner at a local restaurant.

And that Saturday, October 23rd, we’ll host a panel discussion on Nature’s Rights.  It will take place from 3 to 5 PM in the Mandela Room at the Democracy Center.  We’ll feature speakers on wetland ecology and constitutional rights for undeveloped areas.

Please visit our website at http://www.friendsofalewifereservation.org/events.htm to see more details.

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President Friends of Alewife Reservation

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  1. Hi Will, Is something about to happen to the silver maple forest? FAR has issued a frenzied press release but I can’t find any actual facts. Has there been some further granting of permits or settling of challenges? Is there any news reporting left in Belmont?

    Best wishes,

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