No More Robo Calls (22 Responses)

As a politician, I have not been above the occasional robo call, but as a consumer, I get how annoying they are.

The Boston Globe recently did a story on a service offered through which causes robo calls not to ring through to your house. We’ve signed up for it at our house and it seems to work well.

Here’s the concept behind it. If you have a digital phone service — like Verizon FIOS or Comcast XFinity — it is likely to include the capability to cause several other numbers to ring whenever someone calls your phone. Whichever phone number gets picked up first will get the call. To set up nomorobo, you add a phone number to your list of additional numbers that will ring, and it will automatically pick up robocalls before you even hear them. It has a database of numbers that robocalls originate from and uses that to decide which calls to pick up. If, for some reason, they pick up a call that from a live person, the live person can press certain buttons to get through. It took us just a few minutes to set up and it seems to be working very well.

The creator of the service won a prize from the Federal Trade Commission for the concept. See also the New York Times, February 2014.

Now available for mobile

Info here. The mobile app is a paid service.

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