New Solar Announcment

Neighborhood Solar Extension Announcement

July 26, 2016 

To all of you who have just signed up through Neighborhood Solar’s current offer, or have inquired and are considering this option right now, or have installed solar in the past through the Neighborhood Solar Program:

Since Neighborhood Solar reopened this spring, there have been assaults on the current solar incentives in Massachusetts. As you know, these incentives make the installation of solar in Massachusetts attractive.

The first assault is the proposed change from the SREC program to the SMART program. The new SMART program will drastically reduce state incentives with dire implications for the adoption of solar in Massachusetts. See this article, “From SREC to SMART: How Massachusetts Solar Incentives are Changing.”

The second assault comes from a trade suit by Suniva. A Suniva win will substantially raise the cost of solar equipment in the United States by imposing tariffs on solar equipment manufactured abroad. See this NYT article, “Solar Trade Case, With Trump as Arbiter, Could Upend Market.”

Given these two assaults, I asked SunBug Solar, Neighborhood Solar’s installer, to extend Neighborhood Solar’s current program so that as much solar as possible could be installed while the SREC program is still in place and solar equipment can still be purchased at a reasonable price. SunBug Solar has agreed to extend the opportunity to install solar for as long as possible. Neighborhood Solar will extend its current program till October 1, 2017.

Even though the deadline is extended, it is important for those of you who have evaluations and proposals to sign as quickly as possible so that your installation occurs before these changes. If you do, you will be “grandfathered” into the SREC program and will not lose that incentive.

Neighborhood Solar is a grass-roots, all-volunteer program mostly promoted through word-of-mouth. This allows the deep discounts to go to you, the customer. If you have friends, neighbors, family members, or others who might consider this option, please tell them about Neighborhood Solar and encourage them to seek a free evaluation and proposal. Time IS of the essence.

Although the program is promoted by local towns, anyone in any community in Massachusetts can install through Neighborhood Solar. If there are any questions about the program or eligibility, please contact me.

Thank you,

Jocelyn Tager

Neighborhood Solar

(617) 661-6098 #2