Airplane Noise Update

For those who missed the meeting on 7/25, here is a link to the excellent slide deck that Myron Kassaraba presented.

It was a very solid and encouraging update on the history and prospects for airplane noise reduction in post-2013 “RNAV” era.

It includes links to additional resources.

Andrea Adams, Senior Planner for Watertown also gave a very helpful presentation. The general Watertown page for airplane noise is here.

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Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

6 replies on “Airplane Noise Update”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for posting these. I couldn’t make the meeting because at the last minute, I had to take care of my Mom (Alzheimer’s). I was really hoping that there was some way to catch up on the subject.

  2. There is nothing encouraging about the amount of airplane noise over my house in the past couple of weeks, especially last night and today. With all my windows closed, it still kept me awake last night until mid-night and woke me at 6:00 am. I submitted a complaint to Massport. Wondering if there is any solution.
    Thanks, Caroline

    1. There is no short run “solution”. There is a long run prospect for some improvement, but it is unlikely to be completely satisfying for those who are most affected. We get the traffic about 15% of the days of the year on average and that will likely continue.

      You can read through the other pieces in this thread to get a sense of the efforts we are making. Or, give me a call if that is too daunting. My cell is 617-771-8274.

  3. The aircraft noise over my house in Belmont has been steadily increasing over the last couple of months. I believe it was through your email that I learned to expect more noise for a while during some airport construction but since then the noise has increased dramatically. Some times its only every 10-20 minutes or so, but often it is every 2 minutes. Last night it was constant until past midnight. It appears to be happenign more and more often. This is new (in the last couple of months) and it is increasing. For years it was only on Sunday mornings. Now it appears to be constant.

    I’ve complained to MassPort. I’d appreciate any way that you can help.

  4. The skies were quiet here until May 2017. I am seeing a dramatic increase in air traffic over my home in So Chelmsford MA. 30-40 or more per day. Private size jets, helicopters & prop planes. Low flying & loud enough to wake & startle. Why is this happening so far from Logan. Are we the next community to be sacrificed under R-VAV. Please advise.

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