MyRWA Clean Water Campaign

Did you know there is a way to beautify your neighborhood while treating stormwater runoff?

Many examples of Green Infrastructure, such as rain gardens, permeable pavement and green roofs, are being implemented across the country to address climate change and provide community benefits. Green Infrastructure refers to stormwater management systems that mimic nature by soaking up and storing rainwater and snow melt. With stormwater being the top source of pollution to the Mystic River and its tributaries, Green Infrastructure offers a powerful and attractive solution. These projects also bring many other environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Is there an opportunity for your community to implement Green Infrastructure projects? For example, if a construction or redevelopment project is in the works your community could integrate these stormwater Best Management Practices while adding community benefit and climate resiliency.

For more information see the EPA Green Infrastructure website, which has case studies and municipal toolkits.

I urge you to advocate for Green Infrastructure for the next project in your community – let’s create a healthier community and a cleaner Mystic River watershed!