MBTA advises neighbors in Belmont of track construction activity adjacent to Channing Road

We share this construction advisory from MassDOT.


*** Construction Advisory ***

Belmont, MA

Channing Road Area

The MBTA would like to advise our neighbors in Belmont that substantial track construction activity is scheduled over the next several weekends in the area adjacent to Channing Road to construct improvements on the Commuter Rail Tracks that run adjacent to the neighborhood and Belmont High School. The work will involve the removal and replacement of track infrastructure, will be noisy at times and may be disruptive at its peak for neighbors in the area.

The work consists primarily of the installation of new track, switch, and signal infrastructure as part of the Fitchburg Main Line Improvement Project.

Anticipated Construction Schedule is as follows:

June 6-7 Daytime track maintenance prep to install new crossover.

***June 13-14 24/7 OVERNIGHT OPERATIONS to install crossover track.***

June 20-21 Daytime track maintenance to improve new track alignment.

On occasion, early morning deliveries or off hours work may be required. The schedule is subject to change due to weather, material, and installation issues

The project would like to remind residents that ALL TRESPASSING ACTIVITY between Channing Road and the High School properties must cease IMMEDIATELY. Trespassing is on the Commuter Rail Right Of Way is Illegal and highly dangerous. The MBTA Police are working with local administration, school, and public safety officials to insure that this activity ceases. In addition to this being an active high speed railroad right of way, this area is also currently an active construction site.

We apologize for any inconvenience this work and may cause. These improvements are essential to the rehabilitation of the Fitchburg Line. Customers can look forward to significant service improvements when this project is completed.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact us by email at

MBTA Fitchburg Project Email FitchburgProject@MBTA.com or by phone at MBTA Fitchburg Project Hotline 617-721-7506.