MAPC Bikepath Study Released

David Loutzenheiser of the MAPC has completed his study of options for a bike path through Belmont. The path would be a link in a regional path extending from Cambridge to the West. Eventually, the “Mass Central Rail Trail” should extend all the way to Northampton.

Scroll down to “Belmont/Waltham Community Path Alignment Study” at the MAPC’s bicycle/pedestrian page to download the study and the route maps.

Bottom line: The study identifies several possible end-to-end routes and in that respect makes important progress. It observes pro’s and con’s for each. It does not draw final conclusions. Final conclusions are for the Selectmen to draw after receiving further input through a community process which they will need to define if they wish to pursue the possibilities.

One strong point that does emerge in all scenarios is the value of an underpass at Alexander Avenue to connect Winn Brook to the High School.

There will be a final meeting on Thursday, May 19 called by the MAPC to gather comments on the draft. It will be held at 7PM in the Belmont Town Hall auditorium. The final report will then go to the Selectmen.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

2 replies on “MAPC Bikepath Study Released”

  1. That’s a pretty great study. If we think it’s a good idea, is there value to attending the May 19th comment meeting, or the show of support would be better at Town Meetings when that is being discussed?

  2. This is just the beginning of a long conversation. The meeting on the 19th is to gather additional input on the options.

    The more people that participate at every stage of the process, the better.

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