H3136, Distinctive registration plates

Having looked at the changes proposed in H3136, An Act relative to the requirements for distinctive registration plates, I concluded that although the sentiment behind the act, namely making it easier for charitable organizations to raise funds by selling special registration plates, is to be applauded, in its current format the bill doesn’t make financial sense.

The RMV estimates that the initial issuance cost for a new distinctive registration plate is $300,000. The proposed changes, which reduce the number of orders needed prior to production from 1,500 to 500 and the amount of plates that need to be sold in the two years following production from 3,000 to 1,000, will make it more difficult for the RMV to recoup their initial outlay.

For further details on H3136 please see the fact sheet compiled by Representative Jeffrey Roy’s office: \\leg-fp-003\senateusers\i2brownsberger\h3136-an-act-relative-to-the-requirements-for-distinctive-registration-plates.pdf

Aadam Sheikh,
Intern in Senator Brownsberger’s office

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  1. Adam, thanks for working through this. Your analysis appears to be correct — based on the fact sheet and our discussion — the charity plates won’t make economic sense on a smaller scale.

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