Duckboat Safety

Dear Members of the Vision Zero Coalition and the Greater Street Safety Community

My husband and I have worked to try to make the streets of Boston safer following the death of our daughter Allison. She was struck and killed by a Duckboat tour vehicle April 30th, 2016. We have been told by the authorities that it was not her fault. We know she was operating legally. Because of the design of these vehicles and the company’s operation policies, it became obvious to us and many that something had to be done to improve the safety for those on the streets…For the passing of the bill and the help of many we are thankful. If you are one of those who worked, spoke or wrote in favor of the bill please accept our great thanks.

In a recent visit to Boston I observed many Duckboats passing through the intersection where our daughter was killed. Fortunately, I noted what appears to be an improved bumper on the Duckboats. Unfortunately, I also observed a duckboat speeding carelessly through the intersection with pedestrians perilously close by! This I can tell you did not make me happy! We did bring this to the attention of the duckboat tour company, and they seemed to want to address the issue. That is good. However, from our interactions with the company and what we have observed over the course of the last year, we continue to have concerns that this company still does not understand the need to take street safety seriously.

Your help is needed.
#1. We could use your eyes to observe and let us ( and/or Boston Duck Tours know directly if you observe any unsafe Duckboat tour vehicle operations. Please tell what you observed; the time, location, and color of the vehicle if possible; as well as any details about what happened. With many eyes around the city watching them, perhaps they will finally begin to take safety seriously.
#2. Because we are not around the various areas of the city, we could also use your help in letting us know of specific intersections, streets or areas of the city where you feel the Duckboats are generally not safe,  or where you have concerns with them traveling through. This could be due to their size, road design, speed or other reason

Any input is appreciated.
Martha Warmuth