From MassDOT:

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)
has released the
Final Report for the
Arsenal Street Corridor Study

MassDOT’s Arsenal Street Corridor Study in Watertown has developed and analyzed alternatives that are intended to improve transportation conditions on Arsenal Street between Galen Street and Birmingham Parkway. The study focused on vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, and transit improvements, particularly enhancements to bus service along Arsenal Street and locations where the bus service ties into other crossing bus routes.

The Final Report is now available on the project website. The report includes analysis of 11 alternatives and their anticipated impacts on study goals and objectives for improving mobility, safety, accessibility, economic development, and the environment. Conceptual cost estimates are provided, along with recommendations and an action plan for implementing each alternative.  

The study’s extensive public outreach program included three public meetings and an active Working Group that met six key times during the study. All comments received on the Draft Final Report, as well as summaries of the public and Working Group meetings, can be found in the Report’s Appendix.

MassDOT and the study team would like to thank the Working Group and community members who participated in the study’s outreach process and offered valuable input to shape the Final Report.

Best regards,

The Arsenal Street Corridor Study Team