Contract Worker

I have worked as a contract IT project manager and computer programmer for the past 15 years. A recruiting agency will find me work, I will work the contract as staff augmentation for a company and usually the same agency will not find me other work before I can find another contract with a different agency.  Living in Boston and with contracts that last only 3 to 6 months, non-competes restrict my ability to find work.  While I recognize that the agency is acting as my marketing department, I find it difficult to accept that I am at the mercy of their inability to find work in a company I have previously worked.  I don’t think non-competes should apply to the relationship between a contract employee and the agency that is placing them. There are no trade secrets and no expectation that the agency will keep the contractor employed once the contract with the company has ended.

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  1. Sounds like you are one of the many badly squeezed by overuse of non-competes.

    Truly hoping to see some progress on our legislation this year.

    Thank you for speaking out. I appreciate hearing from you.


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