Commuter Rail $10 Summer Weekend Pilot

From the MBTA:

The T is issuing a reminder of its special $10 summer weekend fare, valid for unlimited travel through all zones on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning June 9, 2018.

In effort to attract weekend ridership, Michael Muller, the T’s Assistant Executive Director for Commuter Rail, and Evan Rowe, the T’s Director of Revenue, will be riding the system this weekend, following an itinerary listed below.  We invite you to join them along segments of their trip, or meet with them as they make a number of stops throughout the Commuter Rail network.

This pilot program will be offered every weekend through September 2, 2018.

Beginning Saturday, June 9, the $10 weekend fare will be valid for all Commuter Rail zones from the first scheduled Saturday trip through the last scheduled Sunday trip.

The $10 fare will be available on mTicket, onboard trains, and at ticket windows at North, South, and Back Bay Stations. The special fare applies to customers age 12 and above; paying adults can bring two children under 12 for free.

Unlike weekdays, weekend Commuter Rail service is not in high demand. This $10 summer weekend fare is a pilot program designed to test the market and encourage people to try Commuter Rail service on weekends for leisure trips in and out of Boston and other destinations around the system.

During the summer pilot, MBTA staff hopes to learn more about weekend Commuter Rail ridership demand, receive customer feedback, and evaluate the pilot’s impact on overall ridership and revenue balance through data collected from mTicket and retail windows. Customers are encouraged to email comments and inquiries about the special fare pilot at

With the exception of the CapeFlyer, operated through a partnership with the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, and special event trains, this pilot applies to all MBTA Commuter Rail services.

Saturday, June 9

  1. Newburyport 1101 – North Station 8:30a

Manchester 9:20a

15 minute walk to Singing Beach

  1. Beach 9:30-12:00
  2. Newburyport 1104 – Manchester 12:20

Beverly 12:36

  1. Quick lunch in Beverly or Salem
  2. Newburyport 1154 – Beverly 1:20

Lynn 1:34

5 min walk to IronBound Lynn

  1. IronBound Lynn 1:40-2:15
    Wander around downtown Lynn
  2. Newburyport 1106 (Lynn 2:50) or Newburyport 1156 (Lynn 3:34)

Chelsea 2:59 / 3:44

  1. Chelsea Art Walk – Community Garden (13 min walk from station)
  2. Newburyport 1156 (Chelsea 3:44) or Newburyport 1108 (Chelsea 6:09)

North Station 3:56 / 6:21

Sunday, June 10

  1. Fairmount 2757 – South Station 9:50a

Four Corners 10:03a

Walk to Franklin Park Zoo (15 minutes)

  1. Franklin Park Zoo – 10:15-11:30
  2. Fairmount 2760 – Four Corners/Geneva 11:42
    South Station 11:55a
  3. Framingham/Worcester 2507 – South Station 12:40
    Framingham 1:31p
    Walk to Jacks Abby (10 minute walk)
  4. Jacks Abby – 1:45-3:35
  5. Framingham/Worcester 2508 – Framingham 3:45 / 5:45
    South Station 4:35 / 6:35


9 replies on “Commuter Rail $10 Summer Weekend Pilot”

  1. Thanks for the $10 weekend info. I’ve never been to Newburyport so this might be a good opportunity!

    1. My understanding based on the following language, is that it is valid for an entire weekend: “…the $10 weekend fare will be valid for all Commuter Rail zones from the first scheduled Saturday trip through the last scheduled Sunday trip” but I will confirm with the T.

      1. Confirmed – $10 per weekend, for unlimited travel on Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Thank you Will, This is excellent. I’m anxious to try it out and will provide feedback as I’m an avid cyclist and would love to extend the range over some of the busy routes out of the city! Thank you again! Phil

  3. This is a fabulous offering. We went to the big PVD Festival in Providence last Saturday. On Sunday afternoon we loaded our bikes onto a Fitchburg line train for the bike trail from Ayer-Nashua.

    Next plan is for Newburyport and bike riding out to Plum Island.

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