City of Cambridge calls for officials to seek uplands funding- video showing also

‘Flood Plain Forest and Floodway Development Forum VIDEO TO SHOW IN CAMBRIDGE IN JUNE.

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Video showing of  FLooding  FORUM.



Cambridge Chronicle Sorry to repeat, but I want to make sure all of you have seen this and perhaps understand the important positive implications of a purchase approach from Cambridge sealed on monday night at City Council.

While the court case outcome is vital and our priority of advocacy,

everyone should know that the towns and city feel the land is highly worthy as well.

I hope Anthony of the Herald and Citizen Herald will pick this up as well.

And NOW,  there are MORE financial grounds for pushing O’Neill to let his plans go.

Consider distributing this information and discussing it among  yourselves.

It is an inconceivable amount to imagine,  but that fact  is not what we need to do at the moment, I suggest.
And that we need to galvanize our legislators and all relevant parties such as private agencies and institutions to kick off a funding campaign for this important step to happen.


Perhaps Will, you’ll help us.


Ellen Mass


Published by EllenMass

President Friends of Alewife Reservation