Senior Housing in Belmont

Housing is a major issue especially for the working poor and the middle class. If you have a little income and assets you cannot put your name down for Senior Housing and you cannot afford the market rate.

It should be possible for a percentage of Senior Housing to be set aside for these people. Presently people are transferring assets to their children to qualify for a place in senior housing.

The rules need to be changed and if this is not done I fear the Democrats will lose the support of the working class base.

I believe there might be a plan to allow middle class to pay higher rents in Senior Housing while their money lasts. This would benefit the cash flow into Senior Housing and help those who are suffering for doing the right thing. Such a plan needs to be pushed and implenented with all speed

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    1. The Joint Committee on Housing is researching this proposal. We will be sure to share their analysis with you as soon as it is made available to us.

      Anne Johnson Landry
      Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor
      Office of Senator Will Brownsberger

      1. I did hear from a staffer for the Senate Housing Committee Chair today- they are still working on a response to our inquiry.

        1. I heard today through Committee staff that the Committee would be happy to entertain legislation through the regular Committee process. They did advise us that this kind of proposal would require many regulatory adjustments and that there is already a long wait list for senior housing.

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