Will is right on ESLR-MA should not be involved-nor should the USA

Recently Will spoke out about Massachusetts and Gov. Patrick funding of Evergreen Solar (ESLR). Will is right to condemn it and the state was and remains wrong when it attempts to fund private industry; and for that matter so is Pres. Obama wrong on this allocation of resources. The private sector, often referred to by some at […]

Will grasps pensions-will “they” care?

Will Brownsberger’s recent posts and proposed  ideas illustrate what a thoughtful legislators does; research, consult, publicly debate and propose. He is one of the good ones. While I would go in the direction of getting the state out of the retirement business, Will is attempting to lead reform that would reshape the pension system and […]

Legislators are not Employment Agents

Tom Keane’s op-ed piece, http://www.boston.com/news/politics/articles/2010/12/04/politicians_no_more_favors, copy and paste to read, is spot on and I hope Rep. Brownsberger takes it to heart and introduces legislation that will institutionalize it’s message. Key take away: “Exceptions create the appearance — if not the reality — that the rule of law doesn’t apply to all. They breed cynicism […]

If only we had leaders like Margaret

I encourage you all to read this commentary from the London Daily Telegraph which looks back at the wisdom of Thatcherism- http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/peteroborne/100064330/margaret-thatcher-knew-the-single-currency-would-devastate-europe/ key takeaway- In the 1980s the policies of Britain’s first female Prime Minister, which brought pain and unrest to the UK, were called ‘Thatcherism’. Today, we would call such policies by a different […]