Will wrong on redistricting

It pains me to public disagree with our usually well intentioned state representative, but Rep Brownsberger was wrong to vote in favor of a 28 member Legislative Redistricting Commission offered by his party rather than a seven person non legislative commission. While it was the politically smart and easy vote, it is not in keeping with the usual moral positions we have come to expect from Will. Prior redistricting has produced politically safe districts, serpentine boundaries and felonious actions from our political leaders. Rather than voting to perpetuate this source of voter mistrust, Will would be rightly praised by his constituents for voting his conscience rather than taking the politically expedient path.

2 replies on “Will wrong on redistricting”

  1. Never hesitate to disagree publicly.

    That is what this website is for.

    I understand your arguments on this one. But I don’t feel a great need to outsource this process. Bob DeLeo is not Tom Finneran. I think that the current leadership of the House is committed to running an efficient, transparent redistricting process this year. My sense is that it will not involve big changes, at least as to Massachusetts House Districts.

    The Congressional redistricting will be difficult and we’ll see how that goes. That will be hard to do in a way that everyone see as fair.

  2. I agree with James. The thoughtful practice of “seperating duties” is what would bring real transparency. I don’t believe Will’s vote on this can be justified on any other basis than its politics. I felt the same way when he voted to change the law to allow Governor Patrick to appoint an interim Senator from the same party.

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