Urban Wild calls our attention this holiday season

While our rare silver maple forest is within hours or days of being permitted for clear cutting as a town or city christmas gift to its citizens, some actions and public visibility is required so that the decision makers in the crime will be able to take responsiblity for it. There is a way out, and our only floodplain forest at a severe global warming time does not need to give a permit to a environmental abuser all along the eastern seaboard. We have options and Will’s supporters will have to use them to be able to protect the nature which cannot speak for itself.  There is no choice.

You are most welcome and needed to come to these activities which will remind you or introduce you to a most

extraordinary urban wild in our midst.


Coming Events at Alewife Reservation

Friends of Alewife Reservation to host Solstice Service

In celebration of the winter solstice, Friends of Alewife Reservation will be hosting a 6th Annual Solstice Service on December 11th, 2010 at 2pm.  Reverend Lilia Cuervo of First Parish Church of Cambridge will lead this interfaith celebration around a fire and feature poetry readings, special musicians and rituals in the Alewife Reservation open meadow in Discovery Park.  Families are welcome.  Meet across the street from the Alewife T passenger pick-up at 2pm.

Docent wildlife training Saturday, December 18 at 9am.

Learn to lead nature walks! David Brown, wildlife specialist and renowned naturalist, will lead a three hour training session. FAR’s goal is to prepare a cadre of docents to lead educational walks in the Reservation. No prior experience is needed. Time, enthusiasm and a willingness to identify and  learn some wildlife habits, functions of plants, and observe urban ecology is all that is necessary. Participation in this open space awareness training ensures protection of the area, says FAR.  Visitors will view mammal signs, identify birds and take in the amazing wildlife knowledge of tracker and assessor David Brown.

Meet at FAR kiosk across from Alewife T passenger pickup at 9am. Parking is available at the Acorn Park Drive lot in Discovery Park off of Route 2.  The walk will proceed from the parking lot up the north trail to Little Pond and the silver maple forest. FAR is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Alewife Reservation. Donations will be requested. Visit friendsofalewifereservation.org for more information and map, or call 617-415-1884.

Published by EllenMass

President Friends of Alewife Reservation