Task force ready for changes

As reported by the Watertown TAB, “As the New Year starts residents,residents, local officials and the MBTA are looking towards a major reexamination of the traffic and local transportation in Watertown. Last year, with the creation of the Watertown Public Transit Task Force, Task Force chair Joseph Levendusky and the group’s members voiced their complaints to the MBTA at several public meetings.”

Vigil attendees speak out against racism

The Belmont Citizen-Herald reports on the candlelight justice vigil held in Belmont on December 14 and the discussion following, during which “State Sen. Will Brownsberger said that if he is reappointed Senate chairman of the Judiciary Committee, he plans to hold hearings in communities of color across Massachusetts about the impact of the criminal justice system in those communities.”

Obama, Cuba and Controversy

On the December 17th edition of Broadside with Jim Braude, Senator Brownsberger and former George W. Bush appointee Michael Astrue had a wide-ranging conversation on President Obama’s decision on Cuba, Jeb Bush’s 2016 prospects, and Governor-elect Charlie Baker working with the Democratic majority at the State House.

Hazards of Pet Waste

Pet waste is a serious threat to our local water quality – and one that can be easily addressed by pet owners, neighbors and your community’s regulations. I wanted to share this important update that underlines how essential it is for pet owners to pick up after their pet and for your community in the Mystic River Watershed and others to provide measures to encourage and enforce this practice.

Parcel 13 Comment Letter

Senator Brownsberger submitted this letter of comment to MassDOT regarding Air Rights Parcel 13, which he recognizes as a project of enormous potential value to the City of Boston and the Back Bay and Fenway neighborhoods–but he lists three significant considerations that Mass DOT should bear in mind in awarding the development rights.