Belmont Savings CEO Offers Interviewing Tips in New Video Blogs

Belmont Savings Bank President and CEO Bob Mahoney recently released several video blogs on helping prospective job applicants determine their ideal career path. The short videos – known as the “Mahoney Money Minute” –provide helpful advice on a selecting the proper career, and tips on obtaining a job in that field.
The videos are:

“Securing a job that makes you happy is absolutely paramount to succeeding in life, and I encourage first-time job seekers to watch these video blogs,” said Mahoney. “From deciding what interests you to researching open positions, there’s a lot to consider when finding a job. I hope these videos offer prospective job applicants with interview tips, techniques and advice to ensure their success in seeking employment.”
“Mahoney Money Minute” videos are quick and helpful video blogs from Bob to offer information on a variety of topics, including finance and job development. As a banker who studied chemistry in college, Bob lends his own unique personal experience about what worked for him in his career, as well as advice he has given to his own family. To view them all, please visit here.
Any information found on the “Mahoney Money Minute” is meant to be used for informational purposes only. Personal finance is something that varies by individual depending on your financial goals. For financial advice, please consult a licensed professional.

Here’s the first video: