12/11/15 Bowker Overpass Construction Schedule Update

Note from Will B:

Thanks to Andrew and to MassDOT for this update.

In case it doesn’t jump out for people, the phasing for this project is simple and, while the schedule has slid a few months, the basic plan has not changed: A first phase of ramp work, then four phases corresponding to the four lanes of the overpass. In each phase, the lane for that phase is closed, the existing deck is demolished (this is the part that is most hellish for residents and lasts a few weeks) and then the deck is replaced. Two lanes are done, the third is in the hellish demolition phase and there is one more lane to be done after that. There will be cleanup and final resurfacing after all lanes are done.

MassDOT has provided the updated construction schedule below for the work that is currently underway on the Bowker Overpass.  The work on the travel lanes has proceeded from west to east.  Please see this document, for plans of each phase of construction referenced below.

Phase 1 – Emergency Repairs on ramps – COMPLETED

Phase 2 – 1st of 4 travel lanes – COMPLETED

Phase 3 – 2nd of 4 travel lanes – COMPLETED

Phase 4 – 3rd of 4 travel lanes

  • Demolition currently underway – anticipated to go through mid-January
  • Saturday, December 19th will be the last Saturday during Phase 4 demolition
  • Due to temperature restrictions, concrete replacement will start in March 2016

Phase 5 – 4th of 4 travel lanes

  • Demolition will start in May 2016 and last approximately 6 weeks
  • Concrete work will start in July 2016

Please note that some of this work is weather/temperature dependent.

Andrew Bettinelli
Legislative Aide
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger