Watertown Community Preservation Committee

From the Town of Watertown:

Town Manager Michael J. Driscoll is seeking four (4) Watertown citizens interested in serving on the Community Preservation Committee. The Committee is being formed as a result of the voters of the Town of Watertown approving the provisions of G.L. c.44B, the Community Preservation Act; and the Honorable Town Council subsequently adopting an Ordinance Establishing a Community Preservation Committee.

Powers and Duties: The Community Preservation Committee shall have all the duties and powers as set forth in G.L. c.44B §5, including, but not limited to the following:

a. The Community Preservation Committee shall study the needs, possibilities and resources of the Town regarding community preservation, including the consideration of regional projects for community preservation. The Committee shall consult with existing municipal boards, including the Conservation Commission, the Historical Commission, the Planning Board, and the Housing Authority in conducting such studies. As part of its study, the Committee shall hold one or more public informational hearings on the needs, possibilities and resources of the Town regarding community preservation possibilities and resources, notice of which shall be posted publicly and published for each of two weeks preceding a hearing in a newspaper of general circulation in the Town.

b. The Community Preservation Committee shall make recommendations to the Town Council for the acquisition, creation and preservation of open space; for the acquisition, preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic resources; for the acquisition, creation, preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of land for recreational use; for the acquisition, creation, preservation and support of community housing; and for the rehabilitation or restoration of open space and community housing that is acquired or created; provided, however, that funds expended pursuant to Chapter 44B shall not be used for maintenance. With respect to community housing, the Community Preservation Committee shall recommend, whenever possible, the reuse of existing buildings or construction of new buildings on previously developed sites. With respect to recreational use, the acquisition of artificial turf for athletic fields shall be prohibited. Recommendations to Town Council shall include their anticipated costs.

c. The Community Preservation Committee may include in its recommendation to the Town Council a recommendation to set aside for later spending funds for specific purposes that are consistent with community preservation but for which sufficient revenues are not then available in the Community Preservation Fund to accomplish that specific purpose or to set aside for later spending funds for general purposes that are consistent with community preservation.

Qualifications: Citizens who are advocates for open space and land for recreational use, historic resources, and community housing, who also:
1. Have deep connections to different constituencies within Watertown to make the Town more responsive to the needs of its residents;
2. Can bring specific skills to the execution of tasks required by the Committee;
3. Can bring specific outlooks that may not normally be heard through the Town’s routine procedures; and
4. Value new approaches and ideas to identifying projects outside the Town’s routine budget priority process.

Applicants should submit a letter of interest accompanied by a resume or other information concerning background or experience by Friday, October 19, 2018: by email to townmgr@watertown-ma.gov or Town Manager’s Office, 149 Main Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 02472.