Watertown Community Foundation (WCF) accepting health-related grant applications

Here is a press release we share from the Watertown Community Foundation (WCF)announcing that it is now accepting proposals for its health-related grant program, “Healthy Watertown.”


Wanted: “Healthy Watertown” Grant Applications

 The Watertown Community Foundation (WCF) is now accepting proposals for its health-related grant program.  The “Healthy Watertown” Program is designed to help organizations that serve Watertown develop new or continue existing programs with an educational focus, broadly defined.  Eligible organizations may apply for grants up to $2,500.  The application deadline is November 5, 2013. 

Please note: The “Healthy Watertown” grant program does NOT include funding for Watertown Riverfront Mini-Grant projects or for Educational Programs.  Please contact us separately for information about those grant programs. 

Information and application forms are available on WCF’s website: WatertownFoundation.org.  Also, you can email mschade@watertownfoundation.org, call 617.926.1500 or write to the Watertown Community Foundation, PO Box 334, Watertown MA 02471-0334.


The Watertown Community Foundation works to build and sustain a vibrant, close-knit community in Watertown – now, and for future generations.  To accomplish this, WCF raises funds from people and partner institutions, awards grants to non-profits and community projects, and builds networks of donors, grantees, program participants and stakeholders.   

WCF and its grantees are consistent leaders in efforts to:

  • Advance education and health,
  • Support the most vulnerable,
  • Protect the environment,
  • Foster community engagement and leadership.

 Since WCF was founded in 2003, it has awarded over $410,000 in grants.  Persons interested in supporting WCF should contact Michael Schade, Executive Director. 

WCF Board of Directors

Pia Owens and Thea Sahr, Co-Presidents; Andrew Bundy, Vice President; William B. Ford, Treasurer; Robert Kelly; Roberta Miller; Doreen Munger-Dawson; Lora Sabin; Robert Shay; David Siegel; Darshna Varia; Michael Ward; Stephen M. Winnick.

For more information on this announcement, please contact:  Michael Schade, Executive Director, at 617-926-1500, or mschade@watertownfoundation.org.  For additional information, please visit http://www.watertownfoundation.org/.