Watertown Community Foundation Supports “Watertown Strong” Neighborhood Gatherings

Senator Brownsberger’s office is pleased to share this announcement from the Watertown Community Foundation urging residents to engage in neighborhood gatherings to share experiences and feelings about the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent events.

Foundation Supports “Watertown Strong” Neighborhood Gatherings

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent actions by the Watertown Police Department and other public safety agencies, the Watertown Community Foundation (WCF) urges Watertown residents to get together in neighborhood gatherings to talk about the events, express their sadness and support for the victims, and share their thanks for our first-responders as well as their appreciation for one another.

To support residents in having these gatherings, WCF invites Watertown neighborhoods to take advantage of WCF’s 10-year old “Neighborhood Block Parties for Philanthropy” program.  Under that program, WCF reimburses residents up to $200 for their first neighborhood gathering ($100 if the neighborhood has previously had a WCF-funded block party).

The Watertown Community Foundation requests that each gathering feature an appropriate philanthropic expression of those attending the event.  WCF always asks participants receiving block party funding to raise funds for a charity or to collect donations of food for others.  Neighborhood gatherings to reflect on recent events can do this by giving to the charity of the group’s choice.  If a neighborhood needs ideas, they may want to consider:

For more information on holding a WCF-sponsored neighborhood gathering and to receive funding, go to www.watertownfoundation.org/blockparties or email mschade@watertownfoundation.org.

Additionally, the Watertown Community Foundation thanks the men and women of the Watertown Police Department, Fire Department and Department of Public Works, along with thousands of supporting emergency personnel who ended the crisis without losing more lives. Our thoughts are with all victims, families and friends grieving and suffering because of the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent events.

We are very proud of Watertown’s first responders and residents.


 The Watertown Community Foundation works to build and sustain a vibrant, close-knit community in Watertown – now, and for future generations.  To accomplish this, WCF raises funds from people and partner institutions, awards grants to non-profits and community projects, and builds networks of donors, grantees, program participants and stakeholders. 

WCF and its grantees are consistent leaders in efforts to:

  • Advance education and health,
  • Support the most vulnerable,
  • Protect the environment,
  • Foster community engagement and leadership.

Since WCF was founded in 2003, it has awarded over $360,000 in grants.  Persons interested in supporting WCF should contact Michael Schade, Executive Director.

WCF Board of Directors

Andrew Bundy, President; William B. Ford, Treasurer; Pia Owens and Thea Sahr, Vice-Presidents; Marian Grogan; Rob Kelly; Teresa Leonard; Roberta Miller; Doreen Munger-Dawson; Susan Musinsky; Lora Sabin; Bob Shay; Ken Sheytanian; David Siegel; Stephen M. Winnick.

For information about this announcement, please contact:  Michael Schade, Executive Director, at 617-926-1500, or mschade@watertownfoundation.org.

For more information, please visit http://www.watertownfoundation.org/.