Ed Markey to the US Senate

I would think that everyone having concern about our representation at the US Senate, would be favorably influenced if Ed Markey would publicly sign the http://www.theanticorruptionpledge.org/take-the-pledge/

There is plenty of time before tuesday…

Laurence Lessig in
http://www.ted.com/talks/lawrence_lessig_we_the_people_and_the_republic_we_must_reclaim.html makes a compelling argument, and even more important, simple steps to address how to make our congress better represents us, our choice and our values.

Bill, I know you made the pledge to not accept money from neither PACs nor lobbyist, but Ed did not yet take that pledge – as fas as I know.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this — I’ve been meaning to find this TED talk.

    It says some very important things that I agree with! I agree with the diagnosis. Not as sure about the cure.

  2. I understand the septicism behind love as a cure 🙂 I watched again the talk and forgot that it misses a lot of what is in his book (http://www.lessig.org/2013/04/lesterland-the-talk-the-ebook-the-abook-as-in-audio-book/).

    Between matched vouchers and triggered citizen micro-financing inspired by http://www.kickstarter.com/ (mentioned at the very end of the book) , I see tools to leverage the financial resource of us commoners close at hands. Not yet there I agree but on the making…

    …if only CISPA does not pass. The recent vote by the house is very disconcerting. It threatens such citizen empowerment. I admire President Obama rapid answer, but a democracy should not rely on the executive power to pass sensible laws.

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