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  1. I’ve been pushing for it to happen as long as I have been Senator, working to secure the land, design funding and soon the construction funding to bring it to fruition.

    I’m deferring to the public process as to the design specifics, but I think this is a great question and I hope that others will weigh in with thoughts.

  2. What is happening with this project? Will construction start this summer (2017)? If not, can we at least clear the overgrowth ov vegitation so pedestrians can use it?

    1. Friends of the Greenway has heard unconfirmed rumors that MassDOT has orally agreed to fund the project this year. The projected cost is $3.5 million. No word yet on exactly when DCR intends to present their 100% plan to the public (the last public meeting was in June of last year), or when they might subsequently start construction. Perhaps Senator Brownsberger can investigate further?

    2. Would there be a way to connect this trail with the charles river paths and also the fresh pond paths/alewife greenway/somerville path/minuteman and also the waltham greenway?

      1. This trail will connect at the north end with the Fresh Pond paths, which in turn, already connect with Minuteman, Somerville and Alewife, tho the connection is not ideal as it uses sidewalk on the Route 2 bridge. At the south end, the completed Phase 1 has a spur that goes to the Arsenal Mall parking lot. Cross the lot and you get to Arsenal Park which connects to the Charles River. The Arsenal Project (arsenalyards.com) is planning to rebuild the mall complex and they say they will improve the park connection. It might be worth checking on the details of what they are planning.

  3. The watertown-Cambridge greenway is an important link for green walkways and bike ways in Boston. Will provide a safe routes to schools for children and recreational opportunities for all.

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