Trapelo Road Snapshot

A big part of the Trapelo Road project is the installation of storm drains.


At the relatively high elevation of Cushing Square, the storm drain needs to be installed under where the old trolley tracks are. That means ripping the old tracks up for a few hundred feet.


That is the work that has been congesting traffic and disrupting bus service lately. It should get better as the work moves beyond the center of the intersection in Cushing Square.

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Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

7 replies on “Trapelo Road Snapshot”

  1. I would be nice if the road surface is improved on the section of Trapelo Road that passes by the Belmont Country Club… has to be the worst surface in Greater Boston

  2. Those few hundred feet of rail tracks that are being dug up will probably be the only ones that will still be good in ten years.
    Sorry to be a pest.

  3. Related, the paving around the manhole covers farther up trapelo is pretty bad– they already seem like divots. For example, see the intersection around Beech Street. Will they be any better on this new section? Overall this is a great project for Belmont, but I was hoping for super smooth….

  4. As we enter the new construction season, I hope that there will be more care taken when laying the sidewalks within the new phases. Here in the Waverly Square area, it’s a shame to see so much of our new sidewalks already pock-marked and cracked. I understand we just suffered through a brutal winter but I still would have hoped the new sidewalks would have held up better….

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