traffic calming

i was on the ab 2006 google group and saw that a meeting was being held over by Roxbury Community College. My daughter goes to school nearby over at the Obryant School and I am constantly astounded by how horrible the traffic patterns are in that area, which makes visiting the area for a school night or meeting not really inviting. I have emailed the school to see if traffic calming measures can be implemented over there. I never received an answer but saw that a new traffic light has been put in place. It is bewildering how reactive the city is instead of proactive.

The AB group for allson also described the later night closings for bars(or potential later closings) for bars. Not sure how I feel about that. In some ways I think let people drink all night and stagger home at 7 when I am getting up. Don’t close the bars ever. The entire city of Boston seems to be in thrall to a youthful zeitgeist that sees the city as one big playroom. What’s up with that? Is it just the colleges and universities reaching a kind of apogee where they completely subsume the city? kind of feels like it, but the city should have the wherewithal to realize that there is another factor in the mix, online learning.
universities love it because it is cheaper but they can still charge the same amount for tuition. once that takes over, the students will have no reason to be here.

Detroit anyone??
ring a bell, when the underpinings start to erode….

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