The Software Tax has been Repealed

As previously promised, both branches have now voted to repeal the software tax. It will shortly be laid upon the Governor’s desk and signed.

The repeal is fully retroactive:

  1. If people have collected it from customers, they should return it.
  2. If they have remitted payments to the Department of Revenue, they can apply for the return of those payments.
  3. If people did not collect the tax while it was in effect, they will not be subject to any penalties.

The repeal is a House bill — House 3662, An Act repealing the computer and software services tax.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

2 replies on “The Software Tax has been Repealed”

  1. Good work Senator Brownsberger. While a Senator who represents Cambridge should *never* have voted for this to begin with, I believe in forgiveness. Your behavior in this matter since the damage of the tax became known has been exemplary and sincere. Thank you.

  2. Good move. We all learn from our mistakes of groupthink. Now the diversion from the real issue has been ditched, the conversation can get back on track. The real work of how to fix transportation has to be revisited and re-debated. Maybe we can have some original thinking on the entire issue. Not just funding alone.

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