Statute of Limitations – My Story

To the Honorable Senator Will Brownsberger,

In the fall of 2005,I drove from Rockford, Illinois to Columbus, Ohio to testify before the Senate Judiciary Hearings on SB-17, advocating measures eliminating timelines for survivors of childhood trauma. The following is, “My Story,” which was written in about forty-five minutes at the capital’s downtown Kinko’s, at 6:00 a.m. I only wrote what happened to me and testified so that it would never – ever happen to someone else’s child. I have never received any monetary awards from the Rockford Diocese, Franciscans of St. Bonaventure of Chicago or the Chicago Archdiocese. The courts stated that I missed the timeframe (ten years from my 18th birthday), to report it and the night terrors didn’t resurface until May of 2002, due to my severe post traumatic stress. It resurfaced 33.5 years later – with a vengeance, at age 46.

I hope you find strength, hope, healing and unity in what I wrote and tearfully testified. I am available for in person testimony, if desired. Thank you in advance, I remain,


Donald T. Bondick
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Rockford, IL 61108
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  1. Thank you so much, Donald, for sharing your story. I do fully appreciate that it can take years to be ready to confront one’s abuser. I am hoping that we can improve our law in Massachusetts and doing all I can to assure that.

  2. Thank you Anne, Senator Brownsberger and Representative Lawn!!! Many Kudos from all of us that are abuse victims and survivors!! I think I can safely speak for the group of us. This should put the ‘thoughts about the SOL bills’ back into the forefront of the minds of the Speaker and President so that they may push the bills forward. Is there anything that we can do as survivors that may be recommended to ‘push’ the issues onto the floor? Do you think we need another session with them to reiterate what was already said or a sit in at the state house? You all would know best on what will help as what we have been doing as advocates has not faired the results we want. We need a new approach and any and all ideas are welcome!! Hopefully, the letter will be enough to push the bills out of committee and to the floor. Thanks again for what you have done to help so far. Warmest regards, Beth Donahue
    For anyone that is looking to get in touch with me, I don’t have my computer running and had to change my phone number. If you want to get in touch with me, email me at or call me at 321-480-6218.

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