Status of Pending Safe Driving Bills

Bill NumberBill TitleMain Provisions
H2241: Reported Favorably, under review at Health Care Financing CommitteeAn Act Relative to Impaired Drivers-Doctors must report any driver with an impairment likely to affect their driving
-Judgment made on this persons ability to drive is made by the registrar
S1909: See BelowAn act requiring motor vehicle owners to join the Fast Lane-Will require drivers to use the Fast Lane or other electronic transponder program
-The Fast Lane program will make payment and other tools available online
S1929: See BelowAn Act to promote safe driving-All drivers 85 and older must take a vision and road test before renewing their license
H3297: See BelowAn Act Requiring Driving Tests on Certain License Renewals-Anyone renewing their license must pass a driving test upon each even numbered renewal
H4238: A combination of S1909, S1929, and H3297. Reported favorably, under review in the House Ways and MeansAn Act Relative to Safe Driving-Drivers 75 and older must take an examination, to test physical and cognitive ability, upon each renewal

November 20, 2009

Jason Faller

Legislative Intern, Office of Rep. Will Brownsberger

2 replies on “Status of Pending Safe Driving Bills”

  1. The Boston Globe has had two interesting editorials recently on bills in the legislature dealing with driving. On 11/22/09 Sam Allis wrote against H2241 citing the conflict of interest this bill could create between a sick patient seeking help and their doctor who would be required to report issues to the RMV. In my view the best approach would have been bill S1929. However, it seems bill H4238 is the best available option at this point, and I hope it moves its way through committee. Such legislation could help prevent future deaths, such as the one last year in Belmont and the 4 year old girl killed in Stoughton. On a related note, banning of cell phone use and texting while driving would also make the roads safer for all. The Globe editorial on 1/11/10 speaks for the need of the legislature to act on bill related to elderly road testing and banning texting while driving.

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