Sen. Brownsberger to Sponsor Senior CharlieCard Day in Brighton

Save a trip to the MBTA offices in Downtown Boston and apply for a Senior CharlieCard in Brighton on September 18!

Senator Will Brownsberger will sponsor a Senior CharlieCard Day on Monday, September 18 from 10 AM – 12 PM at the Faneuil Branch of the Boston Public Library, located at 419 Faneuil Street in Brighton. Staff from the Office of Senator Brownsberger will be on hand to take photos and process applications, which will be provided. No advanced sign-up is required. Interested adults age 65 or older just need to bring a valid, state-issued photo ID that includes date of birth. Senior CharlieCards will be sent to applicants by mail, and may take six to eight weeks to process.

What is a Senior CharlieCard? Adults age 65 or older are eligible for the Senior CharlieCard, which can be used to receive reduced fares on all MBTA transportation services – including buses, subway, commuter rail, and the Salem-to-Boston ferry – in addition to discounted monthly passes, which are good for unlimited local bus and subway travel. More information about reduced senior fares can be found online here.

If you currently have a Senior CharlieCard that is about to expire and you need to renew it, you do not need to come to this event. Senior CharlieCards can be renewed for free over the phone by calling the MBTA at (617) 222-3200. Your renewed card will be sent by mail. If your Senior CharlieCard has already expired or you have lost it, then you may reapply in person at this event or call the MBTA office.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Quinn Diaz at (617) 722-1280 or

One reply on “Sen. Brownsberger to Sponsor Senior CharlieCard Day in Brighton”

  1. I’m glad you “stressed” it here that you have to be 65 or older.

    People that read Howie Carr’s book about Whitey Bulger will believe the story that Whitey went down to get his “Senior Pass” at age 62.

    Maybe you should have put the 65+ in the email ?

    There are so many different “senior” categories. AARP says 50. If someone beats you up and you are 60, it is elder abuse.

    Out at Hoover Dam there were some 75 year old people from Canada. The “senior discount” only applies to US Citizens and they were denied.

    See, there are benefits to being a “legal citizen” and what you can and cannot do.

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