Sen. Brownsberger to Co-Host Town Hall Discussion on Energy & the Environment

Senator Will Brownsberger will host – alongside Senator Michael Barrett (D-Lexington), Transportation for Massachusetts‘ Executive Director Chris Dempsey, and the Environmental League of Massachusetts‘ Legislative Director Casey Bowers – a town hall discussion on the future of energy and environmental policy in Massachusetts.

WHEN: Saturday, December 8 from 2:30 – 4:30 PM
WHERE: Watertown Free Public Library | 123 Main Street, Watertown, MA

This event is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend to learn more and ask questions.

For more information, contact Quinn Diaz at (617) 722-1280 or

7 replies on “Sen. Brownsberger to Co-Host Town Hall Discussion on Energy & the Environment”

  1. We need to pay attention to the benefits that a sound environment give to us citizens of MA also. I would suggest additional funding to conserving forested lands.

    By regenerating our soil, particularly in farming, we begin to reverse the damage that farming has caused to the carbon cycle. Please pass the Healthy Soils Bill.

  2. I know Cape wind is dead – but it should not be and in fact a wind farm off Boston Harbor would be nice as well. I know people say it is ugly – even Cape Wind was far enough away from the cost that you would not see it. Then there is the argument about fishing- These areas with windmills would provide protected areas where the fish would be safe from harvest and an area where things like shell fish could grow and breed. I also think the same could be done off Gloucester as well. As long as it is 11 miles out (this is where the horizon drops off out of sight) no one can complain about the “Eye Sore”

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