Registry of Motor Vehicle Fee Increases

On Wednesday, March 12th the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Board of Directors voted to increase the fees for some Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) transactions.  RMV fees go directly into the Commonwealth Transportation Fund and are used “…exclusively for financing transportation-related purposes.”

The new vehicle registration fee for non-commercial vehicles will increase from $50 to $60 and annual inspections will increase from $29 to $35 and the driver’s license road test fee will increase from $20 to $35.  These fee increases will help MassDOT close a projected $55 million funding gap.  According to Secretary Davey’s report to the board, MassDOT “…targeted three fees for simplicity sake, and targeted those fees that have not been raised in several years, including the inspection fee that was last raised in 1999.”

The new fees will go into effect on July 1st, 2014.

See MassDOT’s press release here

Andrew Bettinelli
Legislative Aide
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

One reply on “Registry of Motor Vehicle Fee Increases”

  1. Anyone who thinks fleecing the taxpayers once again will solve the problems are either part of the problem (Public Union Employee) or just clueless!
    your roads and bridges will continue to crumble, the service at the T will still be horrible and before you know it there will be ANOTHER increase
    in fees, taxes, fares, tolls. With the amount the taxpayers of this state pay in Gas Taxes, Auto Excise taxes and tolls our roads and bridges should
    be paved with gold! It’s the same with public education, Just look at the cost per child in public schools, I know how much it is in Cambridge, Upwards
    of 24k per child. At that cost you could send all the kids to private schools, The Kids would get a MUCH better education at half the cost. but it will never change, the local and state reps will continue to be bought and paid for by the public unions until the Private sector has had enough and moves out of state and this state looks like Detroit.

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