Re Non-Compete Issues

I have been a Nurse Recruiter for over 10 years. In 2005 I accepted a position with a local firm and was made to sign a non-compete. For three consecutive years  I was their top biller, and two of those, made President’s  Club. When the economy turned, my business dried up, and I was not able to complete a sale from December through April in my niche market of healthcare management.

I was being paid a $26,000.00 (per annum) draw that had to be paid back out of commissions. I was told in April that this was to be dropped by several thousand and that my office hours would be changed. When I told the company that I could not afford this, I was terminated (not for cause, for reduced sales).  I am on unemployment. Because I could not work for a competitor, I started my own company, though per my non-compete, could not work with clients in the six New England states. However, an old local client called me and asked me to recruit for a few positions for them. The client also had asked my old employer. I agreed and sent over some independently sourced candidates, only to receive a cease and desist call from my old employer.

I’m not hurting my old company by trying to make a living.