Opposed to changing shadow law

Bill Galvin is finally doing something almost no one in the government thus far has had the guts to do: stand up to the mayor and state that changing the shadow laws may irretrievably damage historical Boston.  I urge you to vote no if and when this comes to you for a vote.  It is a travesty that this is being contemplated.  In a classically dishonest political move, the mayor put the parcel out to bid without making it clear that there were height restrictions and then used the winning bid to justify changing the height restrictions. Supporters talk about the money the City will gain. The money to be gained is from the sale of the parcel to the developer, but they will gain money from whoever they sell the parcel to.  It may not be quite as much, but it will still be a lot.   How can we even contemplate selling the soul of our city?

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