Oppose the ‘Trumpcare’ health bill

Please oppose the health care Bill that just passed in the House and do whatever you can to convince others to do the same. This bill hurts the most vulnerable people–the poor, the elderly, the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, and women. This bill is sickeningly sexist, considering things like C-sections and SEXUAL ASSAULT pre-existing conditions–abhorrent victim-blaming in a situation where the woman needs help more than ever. Please do everything you can to make sure this bill does not become a reality.

One reply on “Oppose the ‘Trumpcare’ health bill”

  1. HI Laurel,

    Very much share your concerns.

    At this stage, it is our federal legislators who are on the front line — we need to support them and I think they are doing all they can.

    If they fail, it will fall to the state legislature to try to protect Massachusetts citizens from the consequences of the federal bill.

    I will be all about doing that and most of my colleagues feel the same way.

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