Non-competition Agreements: Will’s Common sense reform bill

Sen. Brownsberger’s Reform Bill is common sense. No person should be banned from finding employment. Six months is a reasonable length of time. Actually, I think no time should be put upon people but I believe in compromise and your suggestion is workable for both the employee and employer.
As a country, we should not put people out of work but keep them working for their need of a paycheck and benefitting a company of a new employee.

Thank you Sen. Brownsberger for a solution to please all.

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Retired teacher. Active still in union activity.

3 replies on “Non-competition Agreements: Will’s Common sense reform bill”

  1. People have a right to change jobs. You can’t sign yourself into slavery and you can’t sign away your rights. Non competition agreements should be challenged in court. I think they are unconstitutional.

  2. I agree with Mr. Kelly.

    Will, if six months is all you feel you can get through, then go ahead. But it really should be a California z-e-r-o!

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