No Fly List/No Guns

Blue Mass Group is reporting on a bill introduced by Rep. Lori Ehrlich, H. 4331, which would ban sales of guns in the Commonwealth to anyone on the federal No Fly list. I’m interested in Sen. Brownsberger’s position on this. According to the Blue Mass Group report, the bill has numerous co-sponsors, including Rep. David Rogers, who represents Belmont, a major part of Will’s Senate district.

3 replies on “No Fly List/No Guns”

  1. I’m not jumping in with a position on this immediately. I need to see this go through some vetting.

    On the one hand, it sounds like common sense. On the other hand, I don’t really understand how the no-fly list works. It’s not clear to me how we would actually access it for enforcement purposes. Also, I need to understand more about how one gets on the list, how one gets off, how one uses the information in practice.

    1. Will,

      Given that we’re talking about a Constitutionally protected right, shouldn’t due process be applied to figure out who can and cannot exercise said right?

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