Neighborhood Solar celebrates Earth Day by opening a Solar Group-Buy Program

Running from April 22, 2017, to July 31, 2017, Neighborhood Solar offers Watertown, Belmont, Cambridge, and Arlington residents a solar group-purchase discount program.

Using SunBug Solar as the installer and offering a 21% discount off the current average installation price in Massachusetts, this program combines the best solar prices with the best solar quality and craftmanship.

All Watertown, Belmont, Cambridge, and Arlington residents using this program can slash their electrical bill, reduce their carbon footprint, become more energy independent, and invest in renewable energy. In addition to the discounts offered through Neighborhood Solar, the program is designed to take the guesswork and mystery out of considering a solar installation.

This time-limited program is open to all residents, businesses, and nonprofit property owners in Watertown, Belmont, Cambridge, and Arlington. If you are the homeowner or landlord of a multi-family or multi-unit building and wish to install solar, you, too, can use this program. An evaluation and proposal are completely free.

Full details are available at For more information or to check on eligibility if you reside in a neighboring community, please contact Jocelyn Tager at (617) 661-6098 or Given that Mssachusetts residential solar incentives are at risk in 2018, that our federal incentives may be threatened in future years, and that low-cost and no-money-down state-subsidized financing is available today through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Solar Loan Program, now is the time to “go solar.”