Neighborhood Solar Announcement

To all who have participated in a past Neighborhood Solar offer, or have inquired and are considering going solar right now:

On July 26, Neighborhood Solar announced an extension of this current program, because of the assaults on solar in Massachusetts.

On August 11, the final SMART program design was filed by the DOER. This program will be the successor to the current SREC solar compensation program. While the exact date of the switchover from SREC to SMART is unknown, it is anticipated that residential solar projects that are interconnected before April 2018 will be under SREC. Those interconnected after will fall under SMART compensation levels. To see what this means in loss of incentives, read the following article: “From SREC to SMART: How Massachusetts Solar Incentives are Changing.”

The compensation levels under SMART are not fully known, but for residential-scale systems the *most* they could be is 75% of current SREC levels, and it is possible they could be 50% or even lower. Solar systems that get installed in time for SREC participation will certainly see better value than those under SMART. Although there are several other assaults on solar, the loss of SRECs means that the net cost of solar for homeowners will rise.

Neighborhood Solar has extended its current program to October 1, 2017 (which means that a proposal must be signed by October 1). SunBug is confident that participants who sign up by then will be installed while the SREC program is still in place.

Even though the deadline has been extended, it is important for those of you who have evaluations and proposals to sign up as quickly as possible. We are working to get as much solar installed as possible, as quickly as possible.

Neighborhood Solar is a grass-roots, all-volunteer program mostly promoted by word of mouth. This allows the deep discounts to go to customers. If you have friends, neighbors, family members, or others who might consider this option, please tell them about Neighborhood Solar and encourage them to seek a free evaluation and proposal. Time IS of the essence, and we now know that time is running out.

If you have any questions about the program or your eligibility, please contact me.

Thank you,
Jocelyn Tager
Neighborhood Solar
(617) 661-6098 #2