National Drug Take Back Day: Sat. Sept. 27

We share this press release from The Allston-Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force (ABSATF).


ABSATF Asks Community to Clean Out Its Medicine Cabinets

Saturday, September 27, is National Take Back Day

Drug Take Back DayNational Take Back Days emphasize Safe Medication Collection and serve as a reminder to dispose of unwanted or expired medication. Properly disposing of medication helps keep it out of the hands of our youth while ensuring that its disposal is not harmful to the environment.

Fortunately there are several permanent collection kiosks in the City of Boston, including one in Brighton.

The permanent MedReturn Drug Collection Kiosk is located in the lobby of the Boston Police Department, D-14, located at 301 Washington Street in Brighton. Residents may safely dispose of expired or unwanted medication in the kiosk year-round. Disposal is free, anonymous and available 24/7. You may not dispose of needles in the kiosk.

You may dispose of the following in the kiosk:

· Prescription medications

· Over-the-counter medications

· Pet medications

· Samples of medications

· Pills, capsules, inhalers, ointment and patches

· Vitamins

· Liquids in glass or leak-proof containers

“The permanent collection kiosk provides a needed opportunity for the community to conveniently dispose of unused medication, and that in turn reduces prescription drug abuse,” said Helen Connolly, ABSATF director. “I also want to encourage the community to secure any medications that are kept in the home, to ensure that only the intended user has access to the medication. Proper disposal and security will go a long way in keeping our youth safe.”

The permanent disposal system is a collaboration between the Boston Public Health

Commission, Boston Police Department, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The MedReturn Drug Collection Kiosks were purchased by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. For a list of kiosks in Boston, please go here.

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