Letter regarding prostate cancer line item veto override

Senator Therese Murray, President

Massachusetts State Senate


Representative Robert A. DeLeo, Speaker

Massachusetts House of Representatives


 Dear Madame President and Mr. Speaker,

 We are writing to ask for your support in taking up an override of the Governor’s veto of line item 4590-0925 in the recent supplement budget, H3539. It would provide $1,500,000 for improved early detection of prostate cancer.

 Unfortunately, men do not now have accurate diagnostic tools for prostate cancer, which is the most common and the second most lethal malignancy in men. In Massachusetts, it has emerged as the most lethal malignancy in African-American men, even though it is curable when detected early.

 This line item exemplifies a prudent public investment and a good public policy: Early detection and accurate diagnosis of lethal prostate cancer will not only save lives and improve the quality of life for millions of men, but will also result in an estimated annual savings of over $275,000,000, currently spent for unnecessary and/or failed procedures in Massachusetts.

 We appreciate your consideration of this request.





William N. Brownsberger                                            Stanley C. Rosenberg

STATE SENATOR                                                             STATE SENATOR






Michael O. Moore                                                                  Barry R. Finegold

STATE SENATOR                                                                STATE SENATOR




Carlos Henriquez                                                                     Jason M. Lewis

STATE REPRESENTATIVE                                                 STATE REPRESENTATIVE




Claire D. Cronin                                                                       David M. Rogers                                                         

STATE REPRESENTATIVE                                                  STATE REPRESENTATIVE




Kevin G. Honan                                                                        Sean Garballey

STATE REPRESENTATIVE                                                 STATE REPRESENTATIVE




Robert F. Fennell                                                                       Russell E. Holmes

STATE REPRESENTATIVE                                                   STATE REPRESENTATIVE




Linda Dorcena Forry                                                                 Harriette L. Chandler

STATE SENATOR                                                                   STATE SENATOR




Katherine M. Clark


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