Legislation filed in 2009-10

Below is a a list of bills that I have filed for the 2009-10 legislative session.

Not all of these bills have been fully vetted — in fact, most are rough drafts or concepts — and filing does not constitute an endorsement.  Filing a bill just permits it to be considered during the coming session.

Breakthrough seizuresPachecoPublic HealthH2024
Fever PitchDarcy Hoyt, Melanie Abrams, Wilson Aguilar, Samuel Audette, Raffi Chilangaryan, Liam Corrigan, Benjamin Cort, Charlotte Emslie, Namzey Gentso, Neil Hildick-Smith, Samuel Humphrey, Pablo Lebret-Gonzales, Larsen Linov, Schuylar Murray, Margeaux Nanfeld, Ana Pope, Benjamin Potel, Ari Radcliffe-Greene, David Rodriguez, Madeline Shale, William WhiteState AdministrationH2965
Option B and C retireesPublic ServiceH2326
Youth alcohol educationCantwellMental HealthH1925
Check overdraftsFinancial ServiceH0872
Police incident responsesPublic SafetyH2201
User controllable factors in auto insuranceJohn HayesFinancial ServiceH873
Funding and staffing of DOIJohn Hayes, Anne PaulsenFinancial ServicesH874
Financial assistance feature in auto insuranceJohn HayesFinancial ServicesH3449
Temporary suspension of rating changes (by request) John HayesFinancial ServicesH875
Online learningEducationH357
Non compete Jehlen, Balser, Atkins, Benson, Hogan, Sannicandro, Sciortino, Speliotis, Story, Wolf, Kujawski, L?Italien, Provost, Callahan, Gobi, Donnelly, Campbell, D?Amico , Malia, Fargo, Ross. Hecht, Aguiar, Peisch, StanleyLabor & Workforce DevelopmentH1794
Public recordsCabralState AdministrationH2966
Pensions 3x SS paymentPublic ServiceH2327
Pensions related to lifetime earningsPublic ServiceH2328
Dangerousness of retail drug offensesJudiciaryH1296
Moderate sentences for drug offendersJudiciaryH1297
Revenue-neutral income tax reliefRevenueH2700
Discourage uninsured motoristsJohn HayesFinancial ServiceH876
Amend bicycle safety actKhan----
Consumer choice in auto insuranceJohn Hayes; Tolman, Story, Grant, Anne Paulsen. Khan, Kaufman, DukakisFinancial ServiceH877
Park expansion/urban wildlife protection in C&BTolmanENRAH701
Private bar counsel/GICKaufman, Linsky, Turner, Peake, Patrick, Garballey, Tucker, SpilkaJudiciaryH1298
Wellness TrustSciortino, Fresolo, O?DayRevenueH2701
Local and regional affordable housing planningBenson, Kulik, Sannicandro, Hargraves, Ross, Calter, Atkins, WebsterHousingH1192
Sustainable development ? transportationTransportationH3177
Sustainable development ? waterEnvironment H702
Sustainable Development - Quasi?s and execState AdministrationH3615
Withholding of rentJudiciaryH3623
HEPA vacuum (by request)Elizabeth de RhamPublic HealthH2025

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

2 replies on “Legislation filed in 2009-10”

  1. Will never hesitate to vote for any spending bill, In fact he always vote on party lines. It is truly a sever dissapointment to see a state rep vote in this manner since it shows that he or she is nothing but a pupett. Sorry Will but you really need to look at your record. Even voting for a rise in State Sales taxs – He just followed party lines. I hate to see some one just be a pupett , this is not the kind of reprentation I want or expect.

  2. Will,
    Please support the Quinn Bill tonight. The police work hard for us and the better educated they are, the more they enhance our communities. It’s worked so well and if it goes away, we’re going to feel it.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are so impressed with the amount of time and effort you’ve poured into your role as State Representative. When so many of us stood out and supported you, we never imagined just how much you’d get done in this short amount of time.
    You are a born leader!

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