Legislation co-sponsored in 2009-10

Below is a a list of bills that I have co-sponsored for the 2009-10 legislative session.

Not all of these bills have been fully vetted by me and co-sponsorship does not constitute a binding endorsement, although it does constitute conceptual support.

S00366 BaddourAn act to regulate off highway and recreation vehicles
H03416 BalserAn Act to Protect Nursing Home Residents
H03584 BalserAn act directing DMH to study peer run respite services
H03585 BalserMental health care in hospital emergency rooms
H03586 BalserCoordination of care for children with mental health needs
H02686 BensonAn Act relative to an excise on plastic carry out bags in supermarkets
H03656 BensonAn Act relative to special education services for low incidence populations
H00228 BradleyAn Act Creating A Civil Legal Action to be Enforced by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth to Protect an Individual?s Right to Repair an Automobile
Number not assigned or not locatedBradleyHome of the Brave
H03179 CabralAn act to create the MA rail transit fund
H01310 CampbellTransfer Fee on Mortgage Foreclosures
H01926 CanavanRehabilitation Counciling
Number not assigned or not locatedCanavanRehab counselors eligible for 3rd party insurance
S01604 CandarasRate of compensation paid to court appointed attorneys
S01605 CandarasRelative to Committee to Public Counsel Service
S00931 ChandlerFusion Center Oversight
S00388 Chang-DiazHealthy communities and the environment
H01319 ClarkProtect animals in domestic violence cases
H02717 ClarkOrgan donor registration fund
H03418 Coakley RiveraSpecial commission on gender responsive programming for system involved girls
H03440 Coakley RiveraDiesel emissions reduction act
H02342 Coakley-RiveraCreditable service for non public school teachers
H01328 ConroyProhibit human trafficking
H02343 ConroyOPEB investment
H03188 ConroyGas tax increase
S00090 CreemCommunity Preservation Act: extend deeds fees so that state will match 75% of local contribution
S00738 CreemAn Act establishing a public guardianship commission
H00333 D?AmicoTransparency and accountability in economic development spending
H02036 D?AmicoAn act relative to optometrists
H03854 D?AmicoRoll back film tax credits
H00328 DiNataleRelative to scrap metal dealers
H01342 DiNataleHidden Compartments
H02043 DiNataleHLTV 114 tests
H02976 DiNataleOfficial conductor of the Commonwealth
H00888 DonatoInsurance appeals
S01045 DonnellyTemporary adjustments to pension appropriations
S01046 DonnellyRelative to duel membership and regular compensation
S01482 DonnellyRelative to the penalties for the failure by telephone and electric supply companies to remove certain poles and wire
H03069 EhrlichAn Act to reduce coal burning and use
S00037 EldridgeWorkers pathway to self sufficiency act of 2009
S00038 EldridgeAsset development in transitional assistance programs
H00890 ErlichInclude a comprehensive smoking cessation benefit in state funded health plans
H01069 FallonAn Act relative to nursing facility and long term care claims
H00725 FalzoneAn act to prohibit the incineration of solid waste
H00726 FalzoneProducer Responsibility for mercury-added lamps
H02736 FalzonePay as you throw waste program
Number not assigned or not locatedFargoAn Act to promote healthy transportation funding
H02737 FernandesAn Act to correct income calculation for spouses of nursing home residents
H02218 FinegoldNeighborhood revitalization and urban violence
H00718 ForryFood policy Council
H01797 ForryAn Act Establishing A Temporary Worker?s Right to Know
H02360 ForryIntegrity of state pension system
H00247 FoxCertify community health workers
H02054 GarballeyRestrict sale of tobacco products
H03227 GrantPreserve right of way for north ?south rail link
H03645 GrantAn act relative to cueing and supervision in the PCA program
H03669 GrantRegulate coal ash
H03233 GuyerTo protect children in vehicles from second hand smoke
H00344 HarkinsProhibiting Devocalization of Dogs and Cars
H02772 HechtAdjusting sales tax on vehicles
H03236 HechtAdjusting registration fees for vehicle weight
S00774 HedlundPuppy mills
H03571 HonanProtect tenants in foreclosed properties
H03572 HonanLand use partnership act
H03573 HonanAct preserving publicly assisted affordable housing
S00543 JehlenAn Act regarding MassHealth applications
H00445 KaufmanReimbursement for special education costs
H00757 KaufmanAn Act to Promote Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals
H00757 KaufmanAn Act for a Healthy Massachusetts
H02485 KaufmanPERAC Board Governance
H02485 KaufmanIntegrity of state pension system
H02488 KaufmanAn act relative to certain health insurance options for municipal retirees
H02488 KaufmanHealth insurance options for municipal retirees
H02795 KaufmanAn act relative to broadened eligibility for relief from disproportionate property tax burdens
H02795 KaufmanProperty tax circuit breaker
H03932 KaufmanCredible Service
Number not assigned or not locatedKaufmanSpecial ed transportation costs
H00448 KhanHealthy School meals
H01815 KhanAn Act Establishing Paid Sick Days
H02080 KhanAn Act relative to a Board of Registration in Midwifery
H02082 KhanNurse Anesthetists
H02240 KhanA Citizen?s Board for DOC
H02241 KhanAn act relative to impaired driving
H03954 KhanEstablishing substance abuse health protection and Chapter 70 funding- alcohol tax
H00758 KocotPublic Input into changes on public lands and buildings
H00758 KocotPublic input to changes to public lands and buildings thereon
H00450 KoutoujianAn Act relative to the public health impact of commercialism in schools.
H02092 KoutoujianProper school nutrition
H02094 KoutoujianAn Act relative to air quality in schools and public buildings
H03258 KoutoujianHealthy transportation planning
H03551 KoutoujianCommission on community farming
H03595 KoutoujianBan trans fats
H00774 KulikAn act authorizing the establishment of old growth forest reserves
H00775 KulikConservation Resrictions and Agricultural preservation Statutes
H00776 KulikFood Policy bill
H02509 KulikMunicipal health insurance plans
H00153 L?ItalienAn Act to support and increase the number of qualified providers of intensive intervention and
H00459 L?ItalienAn Act relating to the special education circuit breaker to incentivize the provision of in district
H00460 L?ItalienAn Act to provide greater financial cost share of special education to sending districts under the special education circuit breaker
H03834 L?ItalienAn Act relative to senior tax relief.
H03805 L?ItalianAn Act addressing LGBT elder inclusion.
H00152 L?ItalienAn act regarding spouses as caregivers
H03809 L?ItalienAutism insurance reform bill
S01469 L?Italien, TolmanTeaching disability history and awareness
H01510 LantiguaMoratorium on Foreclosures
Bill NumberLead SponsorInformal Title
H03844 L'ItalianAutism license plate
H00155 L'ItalienAutism Commission
H03421 L'ItalienImprove personal care attendant program
H03803 L'ItalienThree year phase in of transportation costs/special education circuit breaker
H03804 L'ItalienBullying of children with autism spectrum disorder
H04079 L'ItalienReimbursing Cities and Towns for Special Education Transportation Costs
H01232 MaliaProtect tenants in foreclosed housing
H03266 Malia Naming the State Transportation Library after George Sanborn
H03267 MaliaRelative to speed limits in cities and towns
H03523 MaliaCORI bill
H03542 MaliaMBTA Board of Directors
Number not assigned or not locatedMenardClarification of fresh pursuit
S00058 MontignyHuman trafficking bill
S00860 MooreAn Act allowing for the supervised delegation in the home of certain nursing services to home health aides
S01756 MooreOptometrists treat glaucoma
H00282 O?DayRight to repair
H02256 O?DayAn act relative to local control of personal watercraft
S00176 O?LearyAn act authorizing direct shipment of wine
S00422 O?LearyAn act relative to farmers markets
H02845 PatrickEnergy efficient vehicles
H02561 PeischPension reform
H03568 PignatelliEducation loan program for social workers
H00169 ProvostPrevent homelessness among recipients of transitional assistance
H00807 ProvostWater quality commission Mystic River
H00808 ProvostAn act reducing human exposure to particulate matter pollution
H01945 ProvostRights of people receiving mental health services
H02001 ProvostRelative to snow and ice removal
H02140 ProvostHealth effects of particulate matter
H03643 ProvostRelative to speed limits
H00171 ReinsteinProtect and improve EAEDC
H00815 RichardsonFarm animal confinement
H01703 RushBoston home rule re illegal firearms
H01708 RushingEqual access to civil marriage
H01947 RushingRelative to treatment of prisoners
H01948 RushingIncreasing access to addiction treatment
H03148 RushingHistory of slavery in MA
H03535 RushingPrivacy protections for electronic health records
H03537 RushingLegislative amendment to constitution relative to initiative petitions
H01028 SanchezImprove asthma management
H01237 SanchezPublic housing innovation
H03313 SannicandroSafe Roads
H00183 ScibakLevel IV Treatment Interventions
H01037 SciortinoPay by the mile auto insurance
H01242 SciortinoPrevent homelessness by removing barriers to subsidized housing
H01728 SciortinoTransgender ? hate crimes
H01856 SciortinoEconomic opportunities for racetrack employees
H03326 Sciortino/WolfImproving finances of MBTA
H00506 SmizikCharter school working group
H00831 SmizikMercury added thermostats
H01729 SmizikJudicial foreclosure
H02161 SmizikAn Act for Safer Cleaning Products
H03330 SmizikRegulation of snow and recreational vehicles
H03675 SmizikReduction of greenhouse gas emissions and reduce fossil fuels for vehicles
H03689 SmizikEnabling act to protect HUD tenants
Number not assigned or not locatedSmizikOHV bill
H00834 SmiznakSustainable Water Resources
H00833 SmiznikProducer Responsibility for Discarded Electronic products
S00278 SpilkaAct to fulfill the promise of education reform
H01175 St. FleurEducational parity in higher Learning
Number not assigned or not locatedStanley, TData collection for charter schools
H00156 StoryPilot program for adults with Asperger's or autism
H00842 StoryClear labeling of seed products containing GM materials
H01745 StoryUpdating public health laws
H01746 StoryAlternative counseling for minors
H02168 StoryClear labeling of food products containing GM materials
H03897 StoryPostpartum depression
H03465 Sullivan, DImproving emergency access to mental health services
H03465 Sullivan, D.Improving emergency access to mental health
H01754 SwanReform the school zone law for drug offenses
H01755 SwanRepeal mandatory minimums sentences for drug offenses
S00996 TimiltyStatewide police identification cards
S00792 TimiltyLocal by law for Triple I checks
S01825 TimiltyClarification of marijuana decriminalization
S01843 TolmanGood Samaritan
H00317 TorrisiDirect Shipment of Wine
S01848 TuckerLoan modification
H00210 Walsh, S.Act to strengthen community development in the Commonwealth
H01785 Walsh, S.Alimony reform bill
H03368 Walz(Kaiser, by request) Bill to regulate off road vehicles
H00400 WelchAntifreeze bittering agent
H00530 WolfEarly education and care
H00854 WolfNon road diesel
H02665 WolfCommission to study pay equity
H03137 WolfRecycling containers adjacent to vending machines
H03423 WolfAct to bring child support home
H03434 WolfHealth education
H03435 WolfAn act to help students stay in school
H03436 WolfReduced class size
H03515 WolfUpdated bottle bill

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Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. Thank you for Co-Sponsoring H03515 Wolf Updated bottle bill. Thank you very much for your strong support. Mark Eckstein

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