Invitation to Public Oversight Hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service on Pension Liability

Senator Brownsberger and Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Chairs of the Joint Committee on Public Service, issued the following invitation to a public oversight hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service.

TO:                  Community and Organizational Representatives listed in Attachment

FROM:            Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Senator William N. Brownsberger,
Chairs of the Joint Committee on Public Service

DATE:            January 15, 2014

RE:                  Retirement Systems’ Unfunded Pension and OPEB Liabilities

The Joint Committee on Public Service will hold a public oversight hearing regarding municipal efforts to fund pension and OPEB liabilities. The hearing has been scheduled for January 28, 2014, at 11 am at the State House in Room B-1.

The purpose of this hearing is to get a sense of what practices are being utilized within different retirement systems to address their unfunded pension and OPEB liability. We are interested in learning about how these systems make their choices between funding pensions, funding other services, and controlling their indebtedness. We are reaching out to you because we would appreciate hearing from communities and retirement boards who represent a range of funded ratios, funding schedules, practices, situations, and locations. We would welcome your testimony or the testimony of an individual with knowledge of these issues within your organization or community.

We would appreciate if you would inform us of your participation or the planned participation of a member of your organization or community by contacting Anne Johnson Landry in Senator Brownsberger’s office at 617-722-1280 or at

William N. Brownsberger                                           Aaron M. Michlewitz
Senate Chair                                                                     House Chair
Joint Committee on Public Service                       Joint Committee on Public Service

James R. Lamenzo, Actuary, Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission

Michael J. Widmer, President, Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation

Jim Stergios, Executive Director, Pioneer Institute

Kathleen Reilly, Senior Vice President and Actuary, The Segal Company

Geoffrey Beckwith, Executive Director, Massachusetts Municipal Association

Katherine L. Babson, Jr., Chair, Wellesley Board of Selectmen

David Kornwitz, Chair, Wellesley Retirement Board

Deborah N. Mauger, Lexington Board of Selectmen

Robert Cunha, Chair, Lexington Retirement Board

Domenico J. Sarno, Mayor, City of Springfield

Mike Fenton, President, Springfield City Council

Robert Moynihan, Chair, Springfield Retirement Board

Carlo DeMaria, Jr., Mayor, City of Everett

Michael Marchese, President, Everett City Council

Ronald V. D’Onofrio, Chair, Everett Retirement Board

Dean J. Mazzarella, Mayor, City of Leominster

Richard M. Marchand, President, Leominster City Council

John J. Richard, President, Leominster Retirement Board

Martin J. Walsh, Mayor, City of Boston

Bill Linehan, President, Boston City Council

Sean Kelly, Chair, Boston Retirement Board

Thomas F. Gibson, Chair, Middlesex County Retirement Board

William A. Flanagan, Mayor, City of Fall River

Linda M. Pereira, President, Fall River City Council

Arthur Viana, Chair, Fall River Retirement Board

Daniel Rivera, Mayor, City of Lawrence

Modesto Maldonado, President, Lawrence City Council

David Camasso, Chair, Lawrence Retirement Board

Jonathan F. Mitchell, Mayor, City of New Bedford

Steven Martins, President, New Bedford City Council

Arthur J. Caron, Jr., Chair, New Bedford Retirement Board

Lisa A. Wong, Mayor, City of Fitchburg

Stephan Hay, Chair, Fitchburg City Council

Richard N. Sarasin, Chair, Fitchburg Retirement Board

Tom Hoye, Mayor, City of Taunton

John M. McCaul, President, Taunton City Council

Ann Marie Herbert, Chair, Taunton Retirement Board

Betsy DeWitt, Chair, Brookline Board of Selectmen

James J. Reilly, Chair, Brookline Retirement Board

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Published by Anne Johnson Landry

Anne works as Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor to Senator Brownsberger.