H826, An Act protecting sunlight in certain public parks

TO:         Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture

 FROM:    Senator William N. Brownsberger

 RE:          H826, An Act protecting sunlight in certain public parks

 DATE:      May 7, 2013

 I write regarding House 826, the so-called “sunshine” bill. The goal of the legislation is very important — to prevent cherished park lands from becoming shadowy and windy canyons among oversized buildings. I passionately support this goal. I hope that the committee will find a way to move legislation that will accomplish this goal.

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One reply on “H826, An Act protecting sunlight in certain public parks”

  1. Ditto about Senator Brownsberger’s concerns. I have the same concerns for the bike path along the Charles. Several apartment buildings have encroached on the greenery along the path and created a canyon like effect on Pleasant Street. Where there was greenery, now we see mulch and brick buildings.There is another large complex in process on Howard St. For which many trees are being removed. One of the oldest houses in Watertown (formerly at 25 Bacon St) was recently demolished and prior to that, 5 mature maples at the rear of the property were cut down. At this time another house on Bacon St. that was built in the 1880s is scheduled to be demolished albeit after a one year hold imposed by the Historical Society. With the trees gone sound carries and, visually, there is no privacy, not to mention no shade in the summer heat and no refuge for birds, squirrels, etc. I moved to this neighborhood because it’s an older residential area with houses that have some character. I’m not happy that the fabric of the neighborhood is changing to large apartment buildings and bigger houses with less green space.

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